Why did we decide to write another Tekumel blog?

As I mentioned, this blog is different from most other blogs! How?
It's the collective work of people who don't play together, for one thing. So the Tekumel we're talking about is always OUR Tekumel.
Remember that line by Prof. Barker in "Empire of the Petal Throne"? "This is MY Tekumel. Now make it YOURS!" (Capitalization mine). We've all done this to one degree or another, and we're sharing the results with you.

Why do we bother? Well, as you guessed, there's a reason for this endeavour.
In short, there are a couple popular misconceptions about Tekumel that are really getting on our nerves. This blog is an answer to all of them.

  • If someone ever tells you "you can't understand Tekumel"/"you need a Degree in Tekumeli Studies to play or run Tekumel"/any variation of the previous points...point them to this blog!
  • If someone ever asks "But what do you DO in Tekumel?", point them to this blog.
  • If someone tells you "it's too MATURE and EDGY, and SERIOUS, and we want light escapist fun"...point them to this blog!

Those are among the most popular misconceptions that we're trying to disprove.
How do we disprove them? By way of example, of course! Is there a better way?

Just consider this: We're all telling you about our campaigns in Tekumel, but none of us are alike. Our experience with Tekumel, personal age, our groups and our approach as Referees all vary. And I mean they vary a lot!
And yet we all play in Tekumel...successfully, might I add.
If we can, so can you!

Some of us have been playing with MAR Barker, and keep closest to the original variant of the setting (Chirine ba Kal).
Some have been playing it with a single group, or different groups, for decades (but less than Chirine...Shemek hi Tankolel).
Some have played in Tekumel, stopped, and came back to it (Baron Greystone).
Some of us had discovered Tekumel relatively recently (AsenRG).
Some of us keep closest to the original Tekumel, as presented by Phil (MAR) Barker.
Some have changed core concepts of the setting, sometimes changing even the cultural inspirations away from the Indian/Egyptian/Mayan roots (AsenRG, again, but he's not the only example).
Some only play with adults.
Some play it with their own kids (see all posts with the label Tekumel with dads and kids in this blog).

The only two things we have in common: we all believe that if the Referee and players are doing it right, fun will be had by all - whatever the group finds fun, might well be something another group abhors!
Also mayhem will ensue, for the PCs. But isn't that true for all games?

So, remember: if we all can play Tekumel, so can you!

Written by the humble AsenRG,
With the support of many exalted personalities, 
on the 28th day of the 12th Month of the 2017th year AD
in a particular Pocket Dimension
Which has been visited in the past
by the humble scribe Firu baYeker
(Bearing the local names
Muhammad Abd-al-Rahman Barker, a.k.a. prof. Phil Barker)!


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