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Sons' of the Vríddi -9 Dohála 2340. Part 2

The game definitely started to take a darker turn as the evening went on.

Part 2

Practice makes perfect, as someone once said, and both Horu and Ghachayal had a lot of practice doing these types of jobs. Yet, something was bothering Ghachayal; why should a lowly scribe be such a concern and require this attention? Wouldn't it have been easier, and cheaper, if Agama had just gotten some toughs from the marketplace to settle the matter? A few kaitars, a quick stab in the back when Kageshi was making his way home one night, the obvious victim of a robbery. Normally, Ghachayal didn't bother to ask why, or even expect an answer. When given a task he saw it through and that was the end of it. Many things had changed in the last few months, including it would seem himself. Lost in thought, Ghachayal suddenly started, and almost fell from the palanquin. "You realise that you've been set up" a voice had clearly said. A voice that didn't belong to Horu, or anyone el…

The Clan of Sky Blue Water

Into the CisternThe last of the temple gongs had just finished ringing in the hour of the Dawn when the explorers gathered under the cistern pavilion.The group was led by Wachánu hiVayéshtu, scholar and antiquarian.He was accompanied by Ikané hiShúkla, a recently declared Aridáni, yet still a sworn servant of the hiVayéshtus.With her was her younger brother, Rachan.They had been “assigned” as guards and issued short spears, though neither had any formal training.

Just behind Wachánu came Kéttukal hiBaláshi, from one of the merchant lineages, assigned to act as cataloger/appraiser.He was accompanied by clan cousins Údey and Kámat hiDangól.Like Ikané and Rachan, they had been issued spears.Truth was, Kámat and Údey were just in it for a chance to break their daily routine.They were met by the two laborers who first discovered the doorway, Tufiq and Tabriz hiIndukar.Together, they descended the stairs into the reservoir.

The underground chamber, measuring 20 meters by 20 meters, was constr…