Sons' of the Vríddi -9 Dohála 2340. Part 1.

Game Session 12, November 25, 2017
This is the first part of a long and productive Saturday evening of gaming. I have jumped ahead about 8 months real time, (and 6 months game time) from the first post. The party is currently 3rd Level.

9 Dohála 2340.
(6 months and many hundreds of Tsan later)
Part 1.

The evening is cool, but tolerable, and the nearby neatly tended garden is full of the sound of insects and other nocturnal creatures. If one carefully looks one can see armed guards patrolling the shadows.  Although only 5 people are seated on the thick carpet the amount of noise being generated by them would lead one to believe, were he not standing nearby, that a party was being held. Much laughter, and shouts of joy and disbelief could be heard. A musician is playing on a stringed instrument, adding to the general merriment. The five people are, and in no particular order, Horu hiFa'asu, Ghachayal hiKhalumis, Dadayal hiVríddi , Autso hiVríddi, and Agama hiViridame. Horu and Ghachayal are two  of the four so called Sons' of the Vríddi, and it is with them that this account will largely deal with. Dadayal hiVríddi  is the Vríddi Clan Master in Púrdimal, and who Autso hiVríddi  is, is a matter of conjecture although, he calls himself a courier. Agama hiViridame is the High Priest of Vimúhla in Púrdimal, and an outsider. He will leave the party early and will not hear about many things encountered by the Sons' in their travels, nor will he be privy to their plans. 

The Vríddi Dinner Party

Nine months earlier Horu, Ghachayal, and their cousins Quar and "Banki Basan" had been sent to Chaigari to prepare a summer home for more senior members of the clan. They had done as ordered, and upon arrival quickly became involved in a series of adventures that threatened the very clan and its seniors. These adventures led them to discover an old crypt from Bednálljan times, thwart some plan of the Goddess, flee from some nameless abomination, befriend the head of a little known and extremely important lineage within the Vríddi, to travel to, and escape from, one of Wurú: the Unnameable's demon planes, only to find themselves enslaved upon their return to Tékumel at the hands of a Salarvyáni slaver. Somewhere along the way they had also managed to redeem themselves in the eyes of "Uncle" Horu hiFa'asu and "Uncle" Kemuel hiFa'asu, lose two members of the group and gain two new ones. No longer the "Black Sheep," they had suddenly, and quite unexpectedly, become "good clan cousins," and perhaps, even, heroic. It was the recounting of these travels which led to the outbursts from three of the five guests, and even the servants often couldn't restrain themselves as they surreptitiously listened as they stood ready to pour more wine or bring more food. Even the Sons' guards, who were eating in the servants quarters, found themselves the centre of attention as they told of their masters' exploits and their own contribution to the survival of the group. All in all it was a merry night for everyone. And yet, as is often the case in times of joy, there loomed a dark cloud on the horizon which threatened to overthrow everything  – the Vríddi clan was in open rebellion against the Imperium, and rumour had it that mighty Fasíltum: The city of the Chiming Skulls was itself besieged. Also, on a more personal level, Quar hiVu'unavu was missing and  had apparently been sold to someone unknown by the very slaver that had so treacherously captured the party upon their return to this plane.

"Cousin Quar must be found and those responsible for this indignity and slight to the clan be punished!" It was of utmost importance, Dadayal had proclaimed, that no one think that the entire clan supported the rebels, or that the clan was weakened and could be taken advantage of. "It is imperative to show strength and resolve at this time" he had further stated. "We must use a catapult to crush an ant" was the colourful metaphor employed by him. The party was ordered to use all means necessary to retrieve "our cousin" and make a very public example of those involved in this outrage.  "But first, there is a small request I have, and one which would be most suited to your particular skills" Dadayal had conspiratorially stated over his wine glass.  According to Dadayal there was a possibility of a scandal that the Very Reverend Agama wished to avoid. He was quite embarrassed by the whole situation and had requested aid from the Vríddi. Of course being a modest and proud man he was too ashamed to stay while the arrangements were being made, but he would be most grateful if the matter were settled quietly and quickly. Dadayal, as a good follower of the Flame, had of course agreed to help the venerable Agama in his time of need. Autso hiVríddi had spoken highly of the Sons' skills as "clan fixers" back in Fasíltum and it would be most appreciated if Horu and Ghachayal would utilise their talents to make this problem disappear. "Of course," Dadayal had earnestly stated, "you are free agents and may do as you wish, and I don't want you to feel pressured, but if you could look into this matter it would be nice of you." After the required and completely false, moment of consideration Horu and Ghachayal naturally agreed. As Uncle Horu had once said: "There are requests, and there are requests." This certainly was of the latter kind.  The centre of this problem seemed to resolve around a scribe, a certain Kageshi hiValkara. His removal would eliminate the problem. Dadayal would provide a guide to take them to the place where this scribe could be found. "He needs to disappear, to be disappeared, and a small token retained in order to prove that the job was done." were Autso hiVríddi's final words before everyone retired for the evening. "Disappeared" and "small token," terms familiar to all "fixers," in all clans of the Imperium. Once the matter with the scribe had been satisfactorily competed the required resources would be made available to find Quar.  

Planning a murder can be a tricky thing, even for a Vríddi. Sometimes it was better if people were left guessing as to who was actually responsible. Sometimes subtlety, stealth, and anonymity can be as important as the actual death. Horu, Ghachayal, and their cousins had developed somewhat of reputation in Fasíltum, a reputation for seeing the job through to the end, even  its often bitter end. They certainly were not the best in the city, but they were consistent, and consistency in this type of work is also valued. The death of Kageshi might face certain challenges, but at the end of the day they had done this many times before. They were not concerned about the successful outcome of their assignment.

After careful deliberation the following course of action was decided upon by them. A palanquin and bearers would be rented, and a large wooden chest would be purchased. Emra hiBayur, Gyesmu hi hiTukólu, and Lobi hiBayur would accompany them along with the guide provided by Dadayal. Emra, Gyesmu, and Lobi had been with the Sons' since the day  they had arrived in Chaigari. Members of the Red Star Clan  these three had accompanied them on their various journeys. They had saved each other's lives on numerous occasions, trusted each other implicitly, and their discretion could be relied upon. Once all had been arranged they would make their way to the address where they were told the scribe would often frequent, in this case one of the clan houses belonging to a vintner clan. Once there they would enter and secure the best and most private booth in the place. The chest would be brought into the room and placed in a darkened corner. Drinks would be ordered, inducements given, and the scribe summoned. When the scribe arrived he would be told that a letter, both urgent and delicate, was needed, and that he would rewarded suitably for his efforts. After that he would be quickly dispatched and his body would be placed in the chest, and both would be discretely taken outside by the two guards who had carried it in. Horu and Ghachayal would then dispose of both the body and the chest.

The operation went off exactly according to plan. The scribe was summoned and dutifully arrived, instantly noting that his clients were men of substance. He sat down, as instructed, had a drink from the cup offered to him by one his new patrons, an educated man by the sound of him with an accent that could only be from Fasíltum, unrolled his writing mat, took out his pens and paper, and began to record exactly what was being dictated by the other man, a warrior with an ornate steel sword resting beside him and a cup of wine in his hand. He was so focused on his work that he didn't notice the first man standing up, take something from his pouch and softly speak. He was still writing what the second was dictating when he felt a sharp stab in his left thigh. Death came quickly to Kageshi hiValkara. He tried to scream for help but the first man's hand was firmly clamped over his mouth, and his arms were tightly held by the warrior . The last thing he saw was a small black crystal scorpion return to the first man's pouch. Once Kageshi the scribe had stopped moving, and Horu had determined that he was truly dead, Ghachayal dragged his corpse over to the chest and unceremoniously shoved him into it. The letter was also thrown in, and the lid was closed and firmly latched shut. Emra was called into the room and instructed to have the chest taken out front and to wait by the palanquin with it. He was also instructed on his way out to have the server come in the room with another bottle of the fine vintage that he  had brought in earlier. The two Sons' then finished their drinks, and Horu with the scribe's mat under one arm, and a bottle in his other hand casually left the clan house and made his way to the waiting palanquin. Ghachayal, after providing suitable tips for the most excellent service, had Emra go in settle the bill, and purchase two more bottles of the excellent wine, that they had so enjoyed, for later.  Both he and Horu got into the palanquin and ordered the guide to lead them to Púrdimal's corpse pits. Once there they saw that in one section of the field bodies were being cremated. The original paln was to strip and dump Kageshi's body into an open pit, but his was better. A priest of Vimúhla was consigning the remains of the poorest of his followers to the eternal flame. Horu exchanged pleasantries and a few coins with the priest and the scribe's body was added to the pyre to be burnt to ashes. Solemnly witnessed by Horu, and Ghachayal - who even shed a tear for their dear friend although it may have been the smoke, said a few kind words. The chest was smashed and added to the tinder pile before the two got into the palanquin and made their way back to the Vríddi clan house. All in all everything went according to plan.

To be continued….


  1. Ah Purdimal, the Black Toad of the Empire. Not a place I'm fond of - it takes weeks to get the smell of the swamps from one's nose.

    What have these young ones gotten themselves into I wonder? I wonder if they know. When one is a Vriddi, getting away with murder, quite literally, is quite possible, perhaps even pedestrian. Still murdering the son of a high priest isn't something done lightly. It does seem that this was not meant to be a light matter however.

    You could fill a marketplace with those willing to plot and scheme, but perhaps only fill a stall or two with those willing to act. They may be naive, but a willingness to act paired with a reputation to see things to their conclusion makes them dangerous. Those who underestimate them may fair poorly.

    I do wonder when they will notice the Chlen in the room. This is Purdimal, one cannot forget the heavy influence of the Doomed Princes followers in this city...

    1. Ahh, noble Turisan. It's good to see that you are enjoying these adventures. Keep following the blog. There's a lot more to come.


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