I also play in Tekumel! How can I tell you about my sessions?

This blog is different from most other blogs! How?
It's the collective work of people who don't play together, for one thing. So the Tekumel we're talking about is always OUR Tekumel.
Remember that line by Prof. Barker in "Empire of the Petal Throne"? "This is MY Tekumel. Now make it YOURS!" (Capitalization mine). We've all done this to one degree or another, and we're sharing the results with you.

Now, the only question is...do you want to share your campaign with us? Whether you're playing an RPG in Tekumel, or a wargame, or something else?
E-mail me to actualplayintekumel@abv.bg and we're going to talk. All I ask is that you prioritize narrating what was happening "in character" - but by all means, tell us about the mechanics you're using, too!


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