Tekumel on Roll20

I started this game in the summer of 2014, as a way to game with old friends across the country. They come and go, and I've recruited new players too. The idea was to have some old-school gaming fun. I used Tekumel because it was pretty much unfamiliar to most people, and would make a welcome change. I used 1st ed AD&D because that's the game I know the best. At the same time, I ran a parallel game in person for my teen daughter, her friends, and a couple other dads and their kids. Same basic game, because I thought it would take no additional prep time to run the same game for a different group. Oh how wrong I was! These are the logs of the Roll20 game. I will post the Dads+Kids game separately.

Roll20 Tekumel Campaign History

Session One, Aug 23rd, 2014 (Tom, Garret and John G):
The warrior Ganthor (Tom), a sorcerer-priest of Sarku named Falkyn (Garret), and the Rogue Burdan (John Giotta), along with two NPC'd players (the Rogue Lithgar (Dave) & <Max> the sorcerer-priest of Ksarul) take a boat towards Jakalla. (We will assume any forthcoming PCs were also present, perhaps stored in barrels?) Falkyn and Burdan are particularly interested in trying to set up some trade agreements if they can. They leave on the last intercalary festival day. On the journey they encounter some floating nautical debris in the water, and head against the current hoping to learn what may have happened. They encounter a decomposing body bobbing in the waves. Ganthor prods it with a boathook. When it begins to stir and tries to climb aboard, Falkyn tries to control it. It ignores his efforts, and somehow paralyzes Ganthor. Burdan grabs the tiller and turns the boat away after Falkyn throws the thing off the rail. After he recovers, Ganthor discusses with Falkyn how they should've killed the thing, instead of leaving it in the water to threaten others. However they speak quietly out of Burdan's hearing.
Later, they encounter a mass of floating seaweed with some sort of eel-thing in it. The eel hits Lithgar with a thrown shell. Falkyn wants to search the seaweed nest for valuables, but again Burdan steers the boat away. The others merely grumble.
They head into a bad storm, but survive, and the next day learn that the storm pushed them closer to their destination. As they arrive at the estuary, they spot three women frolicking in the water near the western shore. They bring their boat in, and without explanation Max and Ganthor dive into the water and swim towards the girls! (But not by choice.) Falkyn shrugs and jumps in with the other two, swimming alongside them towards the women. Lithgar shoots at one of the women, but Burdan just stands at the rail and calls out to his friends to come back to the boat. When Lithgar hits one of the woman she jumps, and it is apparent that she's not human. Falkyn swims in close and attacks another of the women with a dagger. Meanwhile, Max and Ganthor are pulled underwater towards a submerged tunnel. Falkyn bravely continues the fight, and finally the other two women attack him as well. As the women are injured they turn to flee, but are cut down from behind. Falkyn tows Max and Ganthor back to the boat, where they are helped aboard. XP: 100 each.

Session Two, Sept 6th, 2014 (Tom, Garret and John G):
The clan brothers set anchor, as it's getting dark. They tend their brethrens' wounds, and discuss the possibility of looting their foes' lair in the morning. Comparing stories, they determine that their foe were chashkeri. They elect to rope themselves together, and make the rope fast to the mast, in order to keep the foe from charming someone over the rail again. Amazingly, more chashkeri visit them that night, and use their mesmerism to lure Lithgar towards the rail. Fortunately his brethren save him, and put an end to their enemies. When they finally swim into the lair they encounter no one, but a thorough search turns up a purple gem, a polearm with a weakened shaft (a glaive), and what the party guesses might be an “eye,” with the number “68” on it.
Sailing on, the group heads up the estuary, noting the depths are quite shallow due to silt. They eye the banks of the river on either side, and note a shen vessel, some fishermen, and dredging vessels. They anchor overnight, noting that the approach to the banks is extremely shallow when the tide is out. On Shapru the 7th, they spot the towers of a great city, and realize they are approaching their destination, Jakalla. They see more boat traffic as they approach, and are hailed by officials who carefully make a record of the clan brothers. Directed to the docks, the group is registered as foreigners and pays docking fees for three weeks. They refuse the assistance of a facilitator, and head towards the nearby temple of Hrihayal. Making sacrifices, they speak to a priestess and get some advice.
As they head towards the Foreigners Quarter they discuss how they might get involved in marketing purple cloth. On their way the newcomers encounter beggars and hawkers, almost upset a wealthy lady in her palanquin, spot some ahoggya, and pay a silver piece each for a day's pass through the gates. There is also a brush with some shen looking through a cart of armor pieces, a helpful vendor of sleeping mats, and the resolution to sell the polearm before checking in at the Red Dome. XP: 300 each.

Session Three, March 21st, 2015 (Tom, Garret, Dan, Frank)
(Shapru the 7th ) As the party approaches their destination, the Red Dome, they note some young men with tattoos loitering outside (obviously Livyani). Surrounding the party, the men demand money, but the learned Falkyn addresses them in their own language, shaming them for their actions, and they step aside mumbling apologies.
The Livyani proprietor offers space in the common dormitory for a copper apiece, or a private room for the group at a silver apiece. The party agrees to pay for a week in advance with a 10% discount, two meals included. Led upstairs by a young slave boy, they are gratified to see that purchasing their own sleeping mats was, in fact, a good choice. They're also pleased to discover that they might possibly use their window as a private exit, if necessary.
Discussion leads to the decision to make some money first, and worry about establishing themselves later. Their clan cousin, Keahilani, suggests that they approach the Temple of Vimuhla and look for ways to earn money there.
On Shapru the 8th, leaving some of their cousins behind, they set out into a now rainy day.
The Quarter's streets flood in the downpour, and the group sees passers-by moving quickly away from a couple of approaching palanquins. Attempting to avoid the upper-class folk, the party inadvertently heads into a cul de sac and are surprised to find themselves pursued by the gentry and their hangers-on. A guard informs them that they have been drafted to assist the Lord of Easy Flowings in unclogging some sewers. As their names are taken and shovels distributed, a third personage approaches and speaks with the two on palanquins.
After some give and take, the party is approached by a large Salarvyani, Juggash, who informs them that they may, instead, assist him in removing some squatters. They accept, and follow Juggash and his entourage into a small wine shop to discuss the details. Explaining their payment, and cautioning them to avoid harming the building, Juggash stresses the bonus for capturing squatters. Agreeing to the terms, the party accompanies their new employer and arrives at a run-down tenement building.
Finding the door defended and blocked, Egros tries to reason with the squatters, but his eloquence is wasted on such low-lives. Ganthor finally shatters the door to the dismay of Juggash's companion and legal advisor, Yuni. While the party attempts to force their way past a barricade, chamber pots and bricks rain down from above. Nonetheless, the party succeeds in bashing several squatters into submission, rounding them up and leaving them outside with their benefactors.
Searching the first floor reveals a tenement in very poor shape. Smoke billows within, since the squatters are curing hides and processing seaweed. There are qigekh everywhere, and the disgusting reek of rotting meat comes up from floor grates. Ganthor is disturbed to hear what sounds like breathing coming from below.
Climbing to the second floor while holding a table above their heads, the party discovers sleeping quarters for the squatters. One old lady, who has made a point of dropping bricks on Ganthor, is apprehended, and a strange green statuette of a squid-headed figure is recovered from a niche. XP: 400 each.

Session Four, May 16th, 2015 (Tom, Garret, Dan, Frank)
Deep in the Foreigners Quarter of Jakalla, a brave group of adventurers heads up a set of tenement stairs looking for more squatters to evict. They find two blocking the top floor landing – one being the leader they first encountered downstairs. As Egros once again tries to reason with them, the party spots a number of women and children huddled behind the men. The squatters refuse to surrender, and the women begin hauling on ropes, threatening to bring the roof crashing down! Women herd the children away as the party subdue the men, fortunately before the ceiling collapses. The squatters have fled through a hole into the building next door, but when the party tries to investigate, a strange monster appears – so they retreat. Yuni admits to himself that the building will be found structurally unsound, seriously undermining his ability to turn a profit. Heading downstairs, the party finds a trap door leading into the cellar. They get Juggash to agree to let them rest and regain their strength. On Shapru the 9th, they head downstairs. They discover undead, an altar to a Salarvyani death god, two mutilated young prisoners, and a secret door. Treasure: Squatters (leader and five warriors, three women), two mutilated prisoners, four flasks of embalming fluid, a box of incense, a pouch with 27 K worth of coin and the medallion key to the secret door, a key to the prisoner cage, a Chlen-hide dagger, a scroll and book in Salarvyani, a scroll in Classical Tsolyani, and The Book of Eternal Gratitude, written in Bednjallan on black pages. XP: 600 each.

Session Five, June 27th 2015 (Tom, Frank)
The party rests in a basement underneath a tenement in the Foreigner's Quarter of Jakalla. Bones and a toppled altar flicker in the torchlight, and the moans of the two mutilated young children mix with the drip of water from the ceiling. Falkyn (Garret), the priest of Sarku, has command of four mrur, blackened undead skeletons with an eye inscribed on their foreheads. Keahilani (Dan) remains wounded. Egros (Frank) and Ganthor (Tom) gather around a secret door. Ganthor uses the key and reveals a sewer tunnel beyond, its walls made up of buried buildings from a previous ceremonial leveling and rebuilding of the city ("ditlana"). Sporadic moaning can be heard up the tunnel to the left. Falkyn is persuaded to send one of his mrur through. It crosses the stream of sewage, revealing a depth of about three or four feet. It investigates a bit to the left, then returns. It is coaxed into revealing that it spotted four man-like beings there before returning. (Who knew that zombies could count, let alone sketch?) However, before any additional exploration can take place, there are other matters to be resolved.
On Shapru the 10th, the two prisoners are seen to, and their Livyani tattoos are revealed beneath the filth. The party returns upstairs, to the doorway of the tenement. One of Juggash's wrestler-guards remains there. Ganthor pays a street urchin to run a message to the party's hostel, the Red Dome, and return with the servant-boy Kelnu. Once he arrives, he recognizes the two mutilated boys as fellow guests, members of the poor Livyani clan "Uyzvaz." In the meantime, a craftsman has arrived and installed a new front door and lock. The party prepares to leave, but the wrestler-guard remarks that those mrur must be properly licensed before they can be marched through the streets. Cloaking them in blankets from the tenement, the party prepares to leave. On the agenda: returning the two young boys to their family at the Red Dome hostel, and meeting Juggash. They will need to collect their pay (142 silver hlash), and discuss any further underground efforts by the party. XP: 150 each

Session Six, August 23rd 2015 (Tom, Frank, Garret)
Deciding to leave the undead behind in the cellar with the secret door blockaded, the party heads out into the muddy streets. Once back at the Red Dome hostel, the group is directed to the Uyzvaz clan. However the family refuses to accept the two mutilated children; it seems obvious they are poor and under-fed, and they curtly explain that they had sold the children.
On Shapru the 11th, feeling morose, the adventurers decide to return to the temple of Hrihayal, where they have been well-treated, to see about the children. They also hope to discuss one of the books they've recovered. On the way, the travellers purchase week-long passes for the gates at a cost of two silvers. They are immediately accorded preferred treatment when passing.
The children are accepted by the temple, and ushered away. A more senior priestess comes to examine the volume, The Book of Everlasting Gratitude. A contract is drawn up, the book is transferred, and Falkyn (Garret) will have free access for study. A feast and temple orgy follow, and our three outlanders stay the night.
The following day, Shapru the 12th, the group returns to the Quarter and meets their employer, Juggash, at a wine-sellers' establishment. They end up renting the tenement themselves, and head to the marketplace to buy building supplies. While there, Ganthor (Tom) seems to attract unwanted attention from a group of winged “monkeys.” Then he notices that he's being watched by a group of painted street performers. Deciding to confront them, they appear to consider him some sort of leader. They assure him that they are ready, and that everything is in place. Continuing to project confidence, Ganthor tells them to accompany him, and the group returns to the tenement. The “clowns” are set to work doing carpentry, with special emphasis on blocking up access from the building next door.
Returning to the cellar on Shapru the 16th, the group collects their undead and begins to explore the tunnels beneath the streets. XP: 500 each

Session Seven, October 11th 2015 (Tom, Garret)
Continuing their explorations of the sewer beneath the tenement, the adventurers follow some noise to a doorway across the tunnel. Splitting their forces, they engage in combat with undead Mrur. As the melee continues, they notice they are being observed by short, furry humanoids. Once the battle is over, the little furry ones approach with weapons drawn, demanding a toll for trespassing in their territory. Alas, more combat ensues. Ganthor (Tom) is paralyzed by a blowgun dart, but one of the little extortionists is killed and a peace is made. Falkyn, meanwhile, is greatly pleased with the performance of the Eye he used for the first time – slowing their opponents' movements certainly tipped the balance in the party's favor!
Falkyn (Garret) tends to Ganthor, and the group searches the Mrur's chamber. Eventually a concealed passage is uncovered. On Shapru the 17th the bold party ventures down, in spite of the smell of cinnamon and a strange, low vibration. Sure enough, there in the tunnel they encounter a small group of Hluss! Falkyn sacrifices his last remaining Mrur to hold the tunnel, while the party flees (carrying Ganthor, who was stung by the leading Hluss). XP: 500 each

Session Eight, November 8th 2015 (Tom, Garret)
Falkyn (Garret) uses his Healing skills to assist his cousin Ganthor (Tom) in recovering from the Hluss venom, but they're forced to flee as the debris they used to block the Hluss tunnel is disturbed from beneath. While crossing through the sewer water, Falkyn is bitten by a leech, and the wound becomes infected. Retreating to their tenement they clean up and get some rest. That night, Ganthor appears to be sleepwalking. When awakened, he can only remember the vision of a shrine.
The next day, Shapru the 18th, the pair give further repair instructions to the street performers (“clowns”) that are assisting them, then depart for the Temple of Hrihayal. On the way they note that they're being observed by “winged monkeys,” but soon realize that no one else can see them. At the temple, Falkyn has his wound treated by a healer, but when Ganthor shows a priest the statuette he found, they are thrown out.
After making some plans, Falkyn heads into the nearby Temple of Chiteng, and succeeds in getting a priest to come outside and see to a cursed follower of Vimuhla (Ganthor). After a shocked reaction to the statuette, a meeting is arranged off-site with a priest of a higher circle. After that meeting, the two foreigners have learned that while the statuette itself represents a Salarvyani aspect of Sarku, there's something contained within that must not be released. The priests of Chiteng will help them by leading them into the Underworld one week hence, to a place where the statuette may be disposed of. Sadly, they are advised that the “clowns,” who have been stalking them through the streets, appear to be cult followers of what is contained within; so they agree not to return home.
With some small sense of relief, the two decide to split up and seek individual training for that week. Ganthor goes to the Palace of War and makes his arrangements, while Falkyn heads to the Temple of Sarku. Both succeed in their goals, Falkyn incurring a debt in order to rise to the Second Circle. XP: 400 each

Session Nine, December 19th 2015 (Tom, Garret, Dan)
Keahilani (Dan), worried because his cousins haven't returned from walking around Jakalla, heads out after them with a couple other cousins for protection. Thinking he might find them at the Red Dome, he heads west. He comes across someone being beaten up by guards down a dead-end alley. He waits, and the guards walk away sharing some coins between themselves. Investigating, he finds an old man with his throat practically crushed, but using his healing arts he manages to keep the fellow from dying.

Keahilani brings the old man back to the tenement, and the next morning he heads down to towards the Temple of Vimuhla (figuring he might either get the old man healed, or sacrifice him). On the way, the skies darken with swarms of hu-bats. The wary Keahilani retreats into the doorway of the nearby Temple of Thumis as what appear to be gold coins rain down. Once things have settled, he continues on his way, stashing one of the scraps of sticky foil now blowing along the streets. After a short visit to his compatriots at the Vimuhla temple, he decides to ask at the Temple of Sarku (since one of his cousins follows that god). Success! He finds cousin Falkyn (Garret) studying in the library, and Falkyn warns him that the statuette their cousin Ganthor (Tom) found is cursing him in some way, and that the street performers (“clowns”) are part of some secret cult. Priests from the Temple of Chiteng have offered to lead them to the Underworld to be rid of the thing, and Keahilani agrees to stay at his own temple until the appointed time.

It is Shapru the 25th, the night of the “Descent into the Tomb Forever,” and the three cousins meet with Su'umel Ka’avukem hiNmi, Sorcerer-priest of Chiteng. He and Changadesha Zuru hiNdayetla, a temple guard, pass out brown hooded robes for all, and the party follows along with the Sarku worshipers through Jakalla and out to the City of the Dead. They split off into the ruins, bribe a pair of Tomb Police, and descend into the depths of the Underworld. Passing several tomb entrances, they journey through a long sloping tunnel and enter a vast open subterranean space containing a dark river. Paying a few Sarku guards, they board a small boat and head downstream. Desperately avoiding an island where Death himself is said to reside, they moor at a stone dock and prepare to continue their journey. XP: 500 for Dan, 350 for Garret and Tom.

Session Ten, January 30th 2016 (Tom, Garret, Frank)
Su'umel the Priest of Chiteng explains that they will avoid the procession of Sarku worshipers marching nearby, and head north past some statues. If anything untoward should happen, they should take the wide passage to the left, near one of the statues. The passage will slope downwards noticeably, eventually coming to an ancient temple to Vimuhla. The priest in charge there must hear the words, “pale bone.” He will then understand the gravity of the situation, and should be able to destroy the statuette – freeing Ganthor (Tom) from his curse in the process.

Climbing a narrow, steep set of stone stairs above the river, the party arrives level with a stone bridge. A long procession bearing torches and bodies heads off into a vast open space, eventually veering to the right. The party elects to stay towards the left and proceed in the dark, tapping ahead of themselves on the floor.

As they make their way through the darkness, they hear what sounds like wings above, and an intermittent scuffling ahead. They take what precautions they can, avoiding occasional torches and what looks like a huge pair of red-glowing eyes in the distance. They encounter a kayi, but destroy it. Then they realize they've been stalked by a group of street performers with painted faces (the “clowns”), who demand the statuette. Bluffing is unsuccessful – swordplay wins the day, also freeing Egros (Frank), who had been the drugged captive of the clowns. Looting the bodies, the party continues on its journey. They veer to the left and find a large passageway, which they follow to a dead end. Searching the wall, they set off a sleeping-gas trap. Fortunately they awaken again, but they are surrounded by serpent-men who demand payment for protecting them from “dogs.” Satisfied with a gift of crossbows, the serpents agree to guide the group to what they hope is the correct passage. After a short walk, the group decides to backtrack somewhat and locate the statues that Su'umel remembers from his earlier visit. The detour culminates in the sight of a monstrously-huge statue of the head of the Great Lord Hru'u, Master of Change, all teeth and eyes. This reassures Su'umel and the group that they are on the right track. XP: 750 Tom and Garret, 500 Frank, 0 Dan (not in attendance).

Session 11, March 6th, 2016 (Tom, Garret, Frank, Alex, Larry)
Shapru the 26th. As the party debates their next move, their Qol friends fade into the surrounding darkness without a word. Egros (Frank) spots a clown face peering down from the top of the statue. A ball drops and shatters into sparks of light, and the group seems to be transported to the edge of a group of lighted tents in a fog-shrouded night. To their surprise they find two of their cousins, Tik (Larry) and Ten (Alex), just rising from the ground nearby. They, too, were surprised by the painted performers, while sleeping back in the tenement. Descending the slope they find themselves surrounded by a pink mist, at the gate of what appears to be some sort of dark carnival. Entering, they find a fountain with a statue of a clown, skulls in his hands spurting blood into the pool below, severed heads bobbing.

They decide to investigate, heading into the fog and coming to a large covered pavilion. There they find a pie-eating contest ready to start, with four twisted, dark clown contestants. Falkyn (Garret) steps forward to compete against the mute clowns, but all are shocked as three of the performers are eaten themselves by berries in their pies! Falkyn almost suffers a similar fate, but with help from his friends he squishes the fighting fruit and comes in second place. Both survivors are rewarded with small pies. Falkyn's contains a small talking strawberry who promptly falls asleep. The surviving clown fades away.

Wandering on, the group finds a small tent with a tattooist hard at work on a group of clowns. They see the tattooist getting abused, and step in. A fight ensues, and the party vanquishes the foul performers. The grateful artist gives magical tattoos to Tik, Falkyn and Ganthor, and they head off looking for an arcade the tattoo artist described.

On the way they are approached by an undead girl with a tray of body parts. She offers them to the party, but Falkyn attempts to use the power of Sarku to control her. Instead, she drops to the ground, her motivating force somehow dispersed. They move on looking for the arcade.

Instead, they find a tent filled with caged kurgha, stacked around a center stage. Out onto the stage come a group of black hooded snakes. Tik steps up to a snake and puts a coin into its box. However, the snake moves towards him and he slashes with his dagger but misses. The snake shoots him with a red beam of light. This transforms him into a kurgha, which is too much for him, and his life-force passes on. The snake swallows his limp form as Falkyn picks up a punji flute and plays. The snake, mesmerized, slithers into an urn. The urn disappears and is replaced with a chest. Inside, Falkyn finds a small flask, which he takes. The remainder of the snakes remain on the stage.

Everyone is upset by the loss of their cousin Tik. Especially the two guides from the Temple of Chiteng, who appear quite disturbed and break down. After they have recovered, the party gathers together and heads back into the carnival. XP: 600 each.

Session 12, April 3rd, 2016 (Tom, Garret, Frank, Alex, Larry)
The party resumes their explorations. They run into a clown pushing a body in a wheelbarrow. Once the clown is dispensed with, they examine the body and realize it's alive! A pale giant of a man wearing furs awakens, with a story of having been in a fight and getting caught in some kind of magical effect. Grimmal (Larry) is invited to come along with the party in their search for a way home.

The next thing encountered in the pink mist is a large circular brightly-painted wooden enclosure. Peering inside, they see a crystal pillar with a dim image of a face inside. Once inside, the door closes and the structure begins to spin madly, tilting and rising off the ground. The party is flung against the surrounding wall. Under the pillar, small panels open revealing bright keys. The group struggles to reach the keys, but are all flung out of the open top of the contraption, hitting the ground hard. Falkyn (Garret) is hurt, but Egros (Frank) struggles mightily, avoids being thrown, and eventually manages to grasp a key. At that point, the enclosure sinks back onto the ground, and the door opens.

Ganthor (Tom) crawls beneath the structure to disable it, hacking at a cable with his sword. While this is happening, a small toy doll appears and tries to bite Egros' leg, but he slashes it apart. Next, Grimmal wedges a dagger into the door frame, and Egros re-enters the contraption looking for a keyhole on the top of the pillar. At the same time, the cut cable whips out and catches Ten's ankle as the rest of the group scatters. Inside, Grimmal sees another toy doll, and when it attacks him he too cuts it apart. Next, he finds a keyhole, inserts the key, and dives for cover as the pillar shatters. Inside a little girl appears, looking as if she's been in a fire. She holds a small toy, a stuffed Dzor (which is something like a large, beaked bear with three eyes). Smiling wearily at Grimmal, she passes him the toy as she disappears in a swirl of lights.

Another large tent is soon discovered. Inside, under brightly-colored lanterns, is a huge “sandbox” filled with small colorful balls. Ganthor climbs in while Ten and Grimmal stand ready with bows. From beneath the balls comes a huge tentacled creature with a large, gaping, fanged mouth. Ganthor and the two archers manage to kill it before it eats the brave warrior. Searching through the balls reveals three boxes. Inside are five gold teeth, a wooden eye, five colored beans, and a strange contraption that puzzles the group mightily.

Next, the party encounters a small wooden booth with a statue of a woman inside. There is a sign reading “Ask the Mistress of Fate,” and a coin slot. A woman's voice says, “Hearts filled with courage and fear, eyes soon filled with tears. Provide coins of the moon to bring forth a boon.” The group decides to use two of their “moon coins” to ask questions. Falkyn asks how they can return to Jakalla. The statue's arm moves over cards laid out inside the booth, picks one up, and it bursts into flame. In the smoke appears a vision of brightly-painted statues of animals, rushing in a circle on a platform. Then the vision is replaced with the image of a mirror and four keys. Next, Ten asks what the contraption they found in the box does. Another card bursts into flame, and a hand can be seen putting a rectangle into a slot in the side, light shining from one end, and a picture appearing. Then the vision fades. XP: 800 each.

Session 13, May 15th, 2016 (Tom, Garret, Alex, Larry)
The party contemplates the visions they've seen, then resolutely head back into the mists. But without warning, a giant pale snake with a reptilian clown-head looms out of the shadows. Quick thinking saves the day, as the group works together and swarms over the abomination.

Once its life has ended, the adventurers note a large tent just ahead. Ten (Alex) advances as quietly as he can, peers through the tent flaps, and returns to report. A large empty space, brightly lit, and a glowing chest at the far side. Cleverly, the group decides to travel along the perimeter to the rear of the tent. On their way, they see a large clown-slide, but decide to leave it for later.

They happen upon two large dancing zombie-Dzor, and make short work of the talented undead duo. But when Grimmal (Larry) and Ten attempt to lift the rear of the large tent, they abruptly disappear! The group, fearing the worst, retrace their steps at speed, and breath a sigh of relief as they find their lost companions back at the entrance to the empty tent.

In a change of plan, Grimmal and Ten enter the tent while the rest of the group waits outside. Abruptly the floor springs up to the ceiling and begins spinning madly. Ten slides into a hole in the floor, his feet get stuck in glue, and his head protrudes up into an arena filled with cheering clowns! Two Ahoggya dressed in circus gear rush forward swinging mallets. Ten manages to avoid being brained, while Grimmal crawls through a narrow space between floors. Below, Ganthor (Tom) and Falkyn (Garret) rush across the tent towards the glowing chest. Without warning, the floor lurches down, and Ganthor finds himself on the ground. Ten pulls his feet out of the glue with a mighty effort, and ducks his head out of the hole above. Back on the ground, inside the glowing chest is a lever – once Falkyn pulls it, the floor settles down and stops spinning. Everyone gets out and Falkyn pulls a second chest out from beneath the floor.

Outside, Grimmal examines the chest. Once he sees his reflection clearly in the lock plate, a second Grimmal appears, and the two are rolling across the ground in a deadly struggle. Eventually the party separates the two, but cannot determine who is the original. The chest contains a small box and a bag, which Ten examines. Inside he finds a key, five pieces of onyx, and a moon coin. The group decides they will return to the Fortune-teller's Booth and spend the coin to resolve their dilemma.

Initially, Falkyn sees how the two will react if he fakes asking a question, but this is not conclusive. Finally he asks which Grimmal is the original, and Ganthor kills the other. They stare at the body in silence. Then Ten takes its stuff. XP: 800

Session 14, August 7th, 2016 (Tom, Garret, Frank, Alex, Larry)

After some discussion the group continues their efforts to find the arcade, somewhere to their southeast. They leave the duplicate Grimmal (Larry) lying in the dirt. Wandering around for a bit, they find their goal, a tent labeled "Copper Arcade." Inside they find a dapper kaiku managing the games. Falkyn (Garret) plays the shell game with the kaiku, winning a golden egg but ultimately finding himself transformed into a kaiku himself. Potions are gained from the skee-ball games, Ten (Alex) gains a stuffed clown from the claw game (and spits some acid), and Grimmal gains a clown costume from the shooting gallery (which he promptly dons).

Back into the mist, the party surprises a gingerbread man fleeing clowns. He bites at Ganthor (Tom), but the warrior tells the animated dessert that he has but one chance to stop this. Wisely, the sugary confection abandons gnawing on the stalwart fighter, choosing to flee instead. The kindhearted warrior lets the animated dessert leave undigested, er, unmolested. The clowns' bodies, peppered with the party's arrows, are looted and abandoned.

The next tent they find contains a bearded lady, her hands having been amputated. Ganthor attempts to comb her beard for her, but only Ten has the touch to satisfy. He is rewarded with a small box. Questioned, she tells the group that the jester in charge may be found to the south, but some obstacle that may require flying must be overcome.

Outside, Ten opens the box, finding a small piece that looks like it might fit into the apparatus they found earlier. They stop, insert the object, and are treated to a series of pictures projected into the mist. A jester is seen with a noose. A pe choi female interacts with him; he does not hang, but instead journeys to entertain at a small village.

Now thinking of heading south, the group finds a huge tent. Inside is a trapeze, both audience and performers appear to be ghosts. A terrible accident kills the acrobats, from whose mouths erupt insect swarms. The swarms enter and animate four party members who attempt to re-create the acrobats' performance. Surviving, the troupe recalls the location of the chest containing the family's fortunes. The chest is opened with a key found previously. Inside are the spangled costumes belonging to the family, some coins, and a small silver ring that Ten chooses to carry. XP: 750

Session 15, September 11th, 2016 (Tom, Larry)

The party leaves the trapeze tent and heads west. Following their noses, they peer into a tent filled with servants, who are engaged in preparing food and feeding it to a very, very large woman. There is a banner suggesting that visitors guess the lady's weight to win a prize. The lady points out that if they guess wrong, she will pick a weapon from their belongings. After a very brief conversation, the group chooses to leave. As they do, they realize that the servants are chasing them! They run out among the tents, losing their pursuers but running into a group of clowns on barbed stilts. Combat ensues, but Falkyn's (Garret's) Charm spell keeps one clown out of the battle. Finally the party is victorious, and they loot the erstwhile entertainers.

Moving on, they surprise a clown with a plunger who blows open the ground beneath their feet. They slide into an underground cavern that begins collapsing. Thinking quickly, the group jumps into a series of carts that remind Grimmal (Larry) of mine carts. The carts race out and up into the night, and up a track made of bone. Hlaka zombies float out of the sky and attack, a poisoned tail paralyzing Egros (Frank). The zombies are driven off, and the carts come to a stop at a covered wooden platform. The weary adventurers vow to find a place to rest. XP: 800

Session 16, October 16th, 2016 (Tom, Larry, Garret)

Deciding to find a better place to rest, the group heads back to the Bearded Lady's tent. However, Ten (Alex) walks in on her changing! In a huff, she tells the group to Go Away. So they go to the Copper Arcade instead, where Falkyn (Garret) talks to the kaiku there about resting. He asks about getting changed back to human, but the kaiku is no help. While resting, the party is surprised by a wandering ahoggya. A melee ensues, with the newcomer on the losing end.

Feeling refreshed, the adventurers wander on, coming to a moat of flames surrounding a double Ferris wheel. Clowns full of spiders vomit forth their vermin, who swarm across a plank bridge and attack. Several people succumb, although Ganthor (Tom) is dragged away by Grimmal (Larry). Lost are Egros (Frank), Su'umel the Priest, and Changadesha the Temple Guard. Rushing up to the ride of death, Falkyn starts things up and everyone grabs a seat. The spiders rush after, and the party elects to slide down the cables holding the structure up. With some scorching, the group manages to scramble away, and Grimmal kicks the plank bridge into the flaming moat.

As the survivors make their way into the fog, they come across a strange statue of a legendary dragon on an elevated platform. Apparently clowns are using it to launch themselves across a chasm. The group elects to wander away and avoid the whole thing. Next, a small group of hlaka arrive, and ask about finding someone named "Hralli." They ask Falkyn to fly away with them. XP: 600.

Session 17, November 20th, 2016 (Tom, Garret)

Falkyn (Garret) asks the hlaka where they can find the painted animals that run in circles. Three hlaka point south, one points west. After a scuffle the last hlaka also points south. So the party heads south along the chasm. The first thing they meet is a zombie organ grinder with a hlaka on a chain. Disposing of the zombie, Ganthor (Tom) frees the hlaka, who says his name is Hralli. He is afraid of the group, because they are "bad people," but they break the end of his chain off of the music box, and he scampers away.

Next they circle around a large building until they meet a jakkohl-man (fox-man). He challenges them to come into his exhibit, for stalwart minds. Falkyn passes a series of mental puzzles until Ganthor steps in when he's stumped. Finally, the party wins their way out with a key and a crown. Ganthor puts the crown on, and Falkyn promptly falls to his knees and pledges fealty.

Returning to follow the chasm, the group stumbles upon two clown jugglers who begin tossing bottles that explode into flame. Making short work of them, the party takes the few remaining bottles for their own.

Next, they are attacked by zombie hlaka, who paralyze Grimmal (Larry) before being destroyed by Falkyn. Heading back north, the group realizes they have the key to Hralli's chains. He comes when called, and is overjoyed to be free. Then the group begins retracing their steps, looking for keys and a mirror. XP: 900.

Session 18, December 18th, 2016 (Tom, Garret, Larry)

Heading past the Feast of Kings tent, the group surprises a pair of cooks. Deciding a hurried retreat is in order, they run away and into a group of mutant clowns. Sadly, the muties don't put up much of a fight, and are cut down in short order.

Rounding a tent, the group glimpses a translucent pe choi, and follows her until she disappears. The tent nearby turns out to be a gift shop, filled with stuffed animals and dolls. Hearing a little girl's voice, the party enters and finds a girl having a tea party with toys that stare at the newcomers. Joining her, they talk a bit and share some information. Before leaving, they promise to keep an eye out for the girl's parents.

Next they come to a large clown slide, with keys dangling over the top. Sliding down to grab keys, they narrowly escape being sliced and diced by sharp blades that rise out of the slide's bed. Ganthor (Tom) tosses Falkyn (Garret) up to gather keys (he is still in kaiku form) , but it is Grimmal (Larry) who slides multiple times to try and win a special key. Each key winner gets a prize from a prize booth that winks in and out.

Ten (Alex) won a sitar, and Ganthor gives its strings a few experimental strums. With that, a pack of miniature pink poodle performing zombies appears, and combat ensues.

Having ended the canine menace, the party finds a 'test of strength' game, complete with mallet. Unanimously agreeing that Ganthor is the "strong man" of the group, the elected warrior steps up and rings the bell with a mighty swing! The prize booth reappears, and the hero receives another fabulous gift.

Still retracing their steps, the explorers come upon a new tent. What will they find inside? XP: 900

Session 19, January 15th, 2017 (Tom, Larry)

The intrepid carnival-goers enter the next tent, which contains a mirror-maze. Grimmal (Larry) leads the way, but becomes stymied and winds up at a dead-end. Just then, Keahilani (Dan) is shocked to see his reflection reach out of a mirror and try to seize him! Fortunately he fends the thing off with his spear. Grimmal ultimately leads the group to the center of the maze, where a brightly-colored chest rests. He and Ten (Alex) check it over, and conclude that there are no hinges -- the top comes straight up. Ganthor (Tom) surmises that it might contain gas, so he carefully covers his face and pops the lid. A huge Jack-in-the Box springs up to attack, but Ganthor neatly cuts it down. Inside he finds a suit of steel chainmail, boots, a bag of gold and another slide for the projector.

The next place they stumble upon reeks of barnyard. They decide to circumnavigate the structure, and in so doing come across yet another tent. They decide to investigate this one, the Tunnel of Love. Entering, they find a row of swan-boats in a small stream that heads into a tunnel. The group piles into the boats, which move smoothly forward. Keahilani's boat heads down a separate tunnel, and he is attacked by a female zombie! Again, the intrepid cousin fends off his opponent. Meanwhile the others are assaulted by statues of cherubs. The stone foes are also disposed of, and the ride comes to an end. Near the landing is a pedestal with an odd-shaped box on it. On the ground is a dead couple. The group loots the bodies, and Grimmal claims a steel dagger. Next, he and Ten examine the pedestal and box. Grimmal uses his new dagger to scrape a wax seal off the box, and an apparition of a woman appears. She smiles at Ganthor, and he hears the words, "Remember the melody that drew his last tears." She disappears in a cloud of butterflies. Inside the box is an ivory violin.

Upon leaving the tent the group is assaulted by a small group of scorched, flame-breathing clowns. Falkyn is horribly burned, but Keahilani uses magic to save his life. Heading back towards the barnyard smells, the party is assaulted by circus zombies with striking snakes in their bellies. These opponents are, of course, neatly dealt with. XP: 800.

Session 20, February 19th, 2017 (Tom, Larry, Garret, Alex)

The group takes a break before moving on. They examine their loot and do some experimenting. Then they discuss options, and decide to look at the latest pictures with their 'projector,' as well as to re-view the old. Afterwards Ganthor (Tom) tries to duplicate the "melody that drew his last tears" on the violin. He'll need some practice...

Next the party investigates the petting zoo. There they decide to milk a transparent hmelu. Falkyn (Garret) takes a drink of its milk, and finds himself restored to human form! Grimmal (Larry) drinks next, but he is transformed into a hideous monster! The shock of the transformation is too much for him though, and he dies.

Soon after, Ten (Alex) is attacked by a giant two-headed nyar. Once the animal is dispatched, the group takes advantage of the situation to stock up on fresh meat. Next comes a selection of "lucky" miniature jakkohl for sale. Falkyn picks one out for a copper piece, and it is overjoyed to be adopted.

But the next encounter is not so pleasant. Ganthor examines a large chicken coop, and is surprised by a young cockatrice rooster that turns his leg into stone! Stumbling away, he decides to drink the last of the milk from the hmelu, and his leg is returned to normal.

The last area is a nraishu enclosure. But the animal keeper turns out to be a hideous monster who spits up acid onto poor Ganthor! Once the beast has been put down, a pair of clowns show up with an unconscious man in a wheelbarrow. After the fight, the group is astonished to see that the clowns' victim is none other than their cousin Chou hiKa!

Chou only has a dim recollection of having been woken from sleep by what must've been a press gang of some sort (although he has a strange thought that he might've been dreaming of clowns), and koshed on the head. The next thing he knew, he woke up here.

After being brought up to date, Chou joins the others and they head south. XP: 600

Session 21, March 19th, 2017 (Tom, Larry, Luke, Erika)

The party heads south, and hears a blast of thunder from ahead. They come upon the dragon sculpture, where zombie clowns appear to be launching barrels across the chasm. That's no sculpture, it's an artillery piece! A barrel breaks open in the ensuing battle, and who should be inside but their cousin Lukai! They spot another barrel, just shot across the chasm and retrieved by another zombie clown. In case it contains a family member, the group attacks with missile weapons until the zombie stops moving.

But before they cross the chasm, they head back to the fortune teller. In response to their questions they see images of the jester, wearing a key around his neck, and the image of a madhouse. So back to the dragon cannon, where they proceed to launch themselves across. They find cousin Aarilu inside the barrel, and all cross without incident. Except for cousin Falkyn, who attracts attention from a hlaka, a vorodla and two clownacondas, hits a wall, and is swallowed whole. Chou descends on a rope and cuts him out, and he is revived at the very last moment! A pity that he was no longer a kaiku...

Heading south the group finds a field of dna-grain, grown into a maze. Aarilu directs them through, but they stop when they spot a blue glowing cube on a tall pole. Ten climbs it, but when he touches it there is a flare of light, and a flying face comes screaming out and disappears into the mist. On the way out of the maze they run into an animated scarecrow, but it is easily defeated.

Screaming draws them south again. Here they come upon a tent full of clowns feeding bodies to a demonic furnace. Spreading out, they defeat the evil clowns and destroy the furnace, although no victims survive. However, loot from prior victims is piled in heaps, and a thorough search nets quite a catch. XP: 800

Session 22, April 9th, 2017 (Tom, Garret, Larry, Luke, Erika)

Once again into the fog, dear friends, and the party meets two clowns trying to get a recalcitrant zombie zrne to move. The lost adventurers are dismayed to see their arrows bounce off the beast's hide, but with luck the enemy is slain. Following the rising sound of carnival music, the group finds a carousel in a clearing. After a great deal of searching and experimenting, the explorers decide to each mount a steed. At this, the carousel begins spinning, rises into the sky, and is sucked through a vortex!

The stalwart group finds themselves in a warped wood, and follows a trail between twisted trees. They come upon a mansion of madness, and enter with resignation. Following the crooked corridors within, they come to the den of a two-headed giant. It is slain without mercy, and when Ganthor (Tom) grasps a glowing statuette of a pe choi, the band inexplicably find themselves in a glade speaking to what appears to be a real pe choi. She says the Jester is her friend, and hopes the party will show mercy. The Jester's soul is at stake. The general consensus is that they agree to at least try, and with that, they find themselves back in the giant's den. XP: 800

Session 23, May 14th, 2017 (Tom, Garret, Karl)

Digging through the debris in the giant's den, the group is amazed to find another cousin, still living! When woken, Gya hiAri (Karl) only remembers being asleep in Jakalla, someone crouching over him and then flashes of light. He is dubious about his cousins' brief explanations of where they are, but accompanies them in their search for a way home.

Heading through the next door of the Jester's madhouse, the group enters a room filled with a spinning
pinwheel design. They can make out a door ahead, but are accosted by giant creatures who burst when stabbed. The pinwheel room leads to a maze of crawlspaces. While attempting to find their way through, the group spots a giant eye, and is then attacked by a tentacle that comes out of the vaguely spongy walls.

They fight their way through, and find they must pass through a narrow passage while avoiding being smashed by a gigantic heavy ball that rolls back and forth above. Falkyn (Garret) uses an Eye to slow the ball, and they get through.

Finally they climb a ladder into the Jester's lair. He unleashes a clown golem on them, and repeatedly fires an Eye at them, while the party dodges chanting mouths in the floor and Ganthor (Tom) tries desperately to play the ivory violin and reproduce the melody they'd heard. Ultimately, the melody draws out the ghost of the little girl, as well as the specter of the pe choi. The Jester, overcome with remorse, begs the pe choi to end his suffering, which she does with a javelin. His spirit joins theirs, and all fade away leaving the adventurers to discover the magical mirror that should be their portal home.

After some searching and experimentation, which includes cousin Gya sitting on the Jester's throne and becoming cursed with some sort of skin affliction, Ganthor consults his magic goldfish and decides to drop the cursed statuette (which apparently has some connection with the Goddess of the Pale Bone, She Who Must Not Be Named) into one of the mouths in the floor. Quickly, Ganthor and Falkyn turn the keys in the mirror's frame. A female voice shrieks, "Something's wrong!" and the group is sucked away through some sort of portal.

After a dizzying journey, the group slams into a cold, bright room along with a group of h'luss. Everyone begins to float, then slams down again. XP: 1,000

Session 24, June 11th, 2017 (Tom, Garret, Alex, Larry, Karl)

Both humans and h'luss pick themselves up off the floor, grab their weapons, and begin to fight! Things look very bad for the humans, as one after another they go down under the h'luss attack. But Gya's (Karl's) spirit cries out to his goddess, Dlamélish, who hears her worshiper and extends a well-manicured hand in blessing! Glowing with the effects of her touch, the humans spring up in joy as their enemies melt into puddles!

Once they calm down, the group examines their surroundings. They are in a metal room with three crates, and no exits. Managing to get one crate open, they find a collection of brightly-colored pipes. Experimentation leads to a loss of gravity, and the discovery of door panels in one wall. Finally, Ten (Alex) manages to get the doors to part, so the party heads out to explore, carrying their three crates.

A bit of walking uncovers a blade trap, an empty sarcophagus, and a large bronze man who eventually follows along behind the group carrying one of their crates. However, when the group finds a leaking pipe and Gya tries to get a replacement from the bronze man's crate, he crushes Gya's head. Fortunately the metal man resumes carrying crates when the remainder of the party takes Gya back to the sarcophagus and puts his body within.

While they wait to see if anything happens to Gya, Ganthor (Tom) and Falkyn (Garret) go retrieve some water from the leaky pipe. Once they're returned, all are pleased to see Gya rise again, healed in body if not in mind. Resuming their journey, they are unceremoniously dumped into a large cage. When this aggravates the bronze man again, Ten manages to damage its eye, and Chou (Larry) bashes the thing's head off with his mace! XP: 1,000

Session 25, July 16th, 2017 (Tom, Garret, Karl, Frank)

The party is trapped in a cage, in the dark. Or are they? Gya (Karl) is able to bend the bars enough for the group to escape, but they are crestfallen when they learn that the corridor they're in is a dead end. The cage fills the corridor behind them, and appears to be jammed in place. Luckily, they figure out how to un-jam it. Just as they start trying to push it up the corridor, a group of humans appears. Communication is difficult, but eventually the newcomers push the cage until the party is at the dead end, which suddenly opens! Beyond is a large arena with a chanting audience. As the travellers enter, they see two Shen on the opposite side. The groups approach each other cautiously across the arena floor, but then the Shen lay down their arms. Then a group of three armored figures appear. Ganthor (Tom) strikes at one with his sword, but there is a flash and the figure appears to be unharmed. Everyone stands their ground until someone from the stands calls out, and then the audience cheers! The doors leading out of the arena open, and a great feast is prepared. The party learns that they are guests of Maintenance and Support Division, and have passed the test; they did not kill for sport. And at the celebration, they meet a pair of strangers from home.

The strangers inform them that they are on (or rather, in) Kashi, one of Tekumel's four moons. They learn a bit about the inhabitants, make some friends, and get some training. They make friends with one of the armored warriors, a Free Marine named Lucan. He finds it easier to communicate with them, and helps them make plans. They want to find a ship that can carry them back home to the planet, and learn that there are two groups who would have one and a pilot to fly it: Naval Division (ruled by The Brigadier), and the Flyboys (ruled by the Colonel). Those groups are not enemies of Maintenance and Support Division, but are not especially allies, either. Further, Naval is actively raiding the surface for slaves!

Then the party is informed by the Chief Steward that the Admiral of Command Division is looking for them, and so they must leave. Trooper Lucan elects to go with them as their guide, and they head out below decks and into the station. XP: 750 to Tom, Garret and Karl, 250 to Frank

Session 26, August 27th, 2017 (Tom, Garret, Karl)

Deciding to head out in the direction of Naval Division, skirting Command, Lucan (Frank) leads the party into a series of abandoned corridors. Lighting is uneven, and so is gravity. After travelling for some time, the group comes to a large shaft that cuts across their path. Lucan says this is a tubeway shaft, but the rope bridge is missing. Falkyn (Garret) stands on Gya (Karl) and Ten's (Alex) backs so that he's not in contact with the metal floor, and casts a Levitate spell. He begins towing party members across the shaft one at a time, when the party is attacked by a huge worm, an Aqaa, that comes floating up from below! It swallows Ganthor (Tom) whole, but the worm is slain and Ganthor climbs out of its mouth before being digested.

Moving on, the group is surprised when the floor suddenly drops, and they find themselves deeper within the station. Off their intended route, they tend their wounds and armor, and re-gain spells before exploring an area with grime-coated metal and stale air. After more travel they enter a vapor-filled area, eventually coming to a four-way intersection. Ganthor spots a trip-wire, and suspecting a flame-trap, Lucan (Frank) waves the group back and disarms a total of four trip-wires. He also attempts to shut off a machine that's generating the vapor, but gives up without success.

Next the party is surprised to find a section of corridor with reversed gravity. They retrace their steps and try another way, coming upon a broken emergency healing pod. Another direction takes them to a chamber filled with what look like eggs. They beat a retreat, and additional exploration leads them to a room with two damaged panels. Behind one is a shaft with a series of rungs, going down. They descend but the corridor beyond smells of chlorine gas. Lucan informs them that an alien race called the Blashagayl breathe chlorine, and that they shouldn't proceed further without breathing devices.

Returning to the reverse-gravity corridor, Ganthor explores and traces the extent of the effect. Bypassing the field, Lucan works on a circuit-board and manages to neutralize the gravity altogether. The way is now clear. XP: 1,000

Session 26, October 1st, 2017 (Tom, Garret, Alex, Karl)

Heading down the last corridor, the group considers their situation. The only way to go is onward, or to retrace their steps back to a situation they had rejected. The lights flicker, but continue to provide sufficient light. The corridor comes to a more open chamber. Suddenly, everyone feels disoriented, and things seem to shimmer before them. Falkyn (Garret) sees glowing lines all around. He struggles to make sense of what he sees, realizing that the lines appear in walls, floors and ceilings all around. Eventually, everyone returns to normal, although Falkyn still feels some residual effect.

Ten (Alex) examines a “threshold” of sorts that they had passed through right before the effect, but cannot find any clues. They spend some time examining the odd-shaped space they're in. It appears to be a dead end, except for a floor hatch. Lucan (Frank) explains how the hatch works, and Ganthor (Tom) opens it to reveal steps going down.

They end up in a room with several inches of water on the floor. The water appears to be backing up from some pipes, then spilling down a spiral stair at the opposite end of the room. Nearby is a yellow slime sitting on two bodies. Further examination reveals they are two aliens called Blashagayl, chlorine-breathers. Falkyn sees four shapes under the slime, two round shapes and two long rectangles. He tries scraping slime and examining his findings, eventually getting a few jolts of disorientation when touching the disc, and getting a small tube to emit a bright light from one end. However, Ganthor fears that Falkyn may be possessed, so the items are divided up among the party. In the process, both Ten and Ganthor acquire yellow rings from the leaking slime that appear around their legs.

The group heads down the stairs, stepping carefully through the flowing water. Towards the bottom, some organic growths practically leap out of the walls and stab Ganthor, so he chops them away and enters a round chamber. There is some sort of brain-thing on the ceiling, a bronze statue of a woman with tentacles, and a jeweled altar. Ten does his best to pry gems from the altar, netting a pretty treasure.

Down the stairs again to a chamber filled with broken glass and debris. There is a spiky plant at the base of the stairs that Ganthor chops up. While chopping, the gravity fails, and things float for a time while the group stays put. Finally gravity is restored. Exploring a room to the south, Ten uncovers an emergency closet with space armor and gear within. He takes a Heat Ray Pistol, Falkyn takes a Translator Orb. The room to the west contains a glowing column and another brain on the ceiling. Falkyn steps inside, and a flock of squirmy fliers attacks him, causing him to drop. As he falls, Ganthor sweeps him back out and closes the door. Once Falkyn recovers the group tries the door to the north, but it won't open. Gya (Karl) takes a Space Axe from the closet and attempts to break it down. While he works, a small armored creature comes up the stairs and attacks Falkyn. After a short battle, Ganthor brains it with his mace. Eventually, both the north and east doors are broken asunder only to reveal the remains of a collapse or explosion, so the party heads further downstairs.

At the next level, Ganthor narrowly avoids a jet of live steam. Another round chamber with the southern door ajar. Heading over to look, the group spots a Feshenga! They make short work of it with ranged weapons, then find Bednalljan artifacts in the thing's nest. XP: 1,000

Session 27, November 26th, 2017 (Tom, Alex, Karl)

Our intrepid band of explorers continues to see what can be seen. Opening a panel to the west, they find an organic growth at the base of some pipes, glowing with rainbow-colored lights. They approach carefully, and try everything they can to get the creature's attention. Alas, it remains aloof, so they leave it in peace. Since the other two door panels yield nothing, they head further down the wet spiral stairs.

Next stop is a level with tables, chairs and statues. Ganthor (Tom) sits in a large metal chair and learns that he can read minds. He tries reading Lucan's (Frank) mind, since the spaceman has become somewhat hostile, but this new power fails to work. Gya (Karl) pries some gems from the statues, and then they try the door panel to the south.

Here they find a large sculpture of a fish, made of kitchen utensils. There are three counters. Two have ashes in a bowl, and one has an empty bowl that Gya, ahem, fills. Heading to the western door, Ganthor enters what looks like an empty chamber but experiences some difficulties with gravity. He works his way back out, but takes some damage on the way down.

The next door, to the north, reveals a nest of three Zrne! Closing the door has little effect as the monsters simply open it and attack. There is a terrible battle in which Ganthor is knocked unconscious, Ten (Alex) is almost killed, Lucan fires his disrupter rifle many times, and Gya cleaves two of the beasts with mighty blows. Falkyn (Garret) uses his powers to heal the others, then a search is made of the nest. Revealed within are the bodies of two dead creatures, another short tube, a lens, and a long-dead human (brain removed) in a silver skinsuit. The body has a locket on a chain (with a woman's portrait inside), and items Lucan identifies as a “camera” and “air pills.”

The group retreats to the fish room and rests there. Once refreshed and healed, they head to the door on the east, Gya breaking the fish before leaving. There they find ovoid containers that Lucan cheerfully identifies as drinks. Although Ganthor strongly urges the others to stop and drink them, Lucan insists that this isn't a good idea at the moment. So, down the spiral stairs again.

This time the stairs open up into a large room with pillars holding up a domed ceiling. A large “brain” is attached to the ceiling at one point. There are blue-glowing doorways, and a blue-glowing statue. Ganthor heads through a glowing doorway into a room containing quite a number of objects... XP: 1,000

Session 28, December 30th, 2017 (Tom, Alex)

As Ganthor (Tom) enters the room, the blue light in all the doorways, as well as around the statue, goes out. The party heads into the room, which appears to be some kind of workroom. Meanwhile, the statue climbs down from its pedestal and attacks Lucan (Frank), grasping him in its tentacles. The fight continues as Falkyn (Garret) Levitates the monster to the ceiling, and it lets go of Lucan in the process. Shortly, the monster is defeated, and the group re-enters the workroom. Opening one door reveals a large storage room filled with clothes. Back in the lab, Ganthor checks on some vats along one wall, and a giant blob of protoplasm attacks. Before its death, it has tossed the party around and when Ten (Alex) lands he smashes up a grandfather clock, revealing a hidden door behind it.

Ten finds some tools in the room that appear useful, so he stows them away. The concealed door leads to a passage ending in another portal. As Ganthor opens it, he spots a tube entering the door from the wall. Ten decides it appears harmless, and Ganthor opens the door.

The next room is a laboratory of some kind, exciting Falkyn with its possibilities. There appears to be a three-eyed female in something like a cracked “healing bed.” Ganthor opens the far door revealing a storeroom. Lucan peers in, shouts “Cymek!” and shoots a metal man with his disrupter rifle. Another fight, and the the metal man no longer functions.

The group retreats back into the lab and closes the doors, fearing that they may have attracted unwanted attention. Soon after, Ganthor hears a dog in the storeroom, but they wait it out and nothing further happens. Falkyn takes some notes and does some sketching in the lab. After resting and healing the group circles around and enters the storeroom from the other side, surprising a small Cymek dog. It is quickly broken apart, and they leave in a hurry.

Heading across the level, they come to another door, but Lucan volunteers that the dog's body might somehow open doors, and not trigger any possible traps. Willing to give it a try, Ten runs back and retrieves the dog, which still glows from within. Experimenting, he waves it in front of a fancy door that has a face carved in it, but nothing happens. He finds success trying a plain door, revealing a room containing some large cabinets.

Rejoining the party, Ten waves the dog at the next door. This reveals a chamber with more creatures suspended above blue-glowing pedestals. The party quickly retreats despite Falkyn's interest. Instead, they head down the hall and open another door with their dog-key. The revealed chamber contains a mess of broken debris. XP: 1,000

Session 29, January 28th, 2018 (Tom, Alex, Garret)

The adventurers search the debris in a large chamber, finding little of value, then head south to another storage area. Here they find crates containing odd items, and four coffin-like boxes. Gya (Karl) smashes one open, and Ganthor (Tom) discovers how to open one, and to get it to levitate. All are empty, and the three others are non-functional (especially once Gya smashes them). The floating box is used to carry loot, and Ganthor explores through another door, finding rotting books on the floor beneath their shelves.

Trying another door reveals a room with an empty picture frame on one wall. Ten (Alex) causes the wall to melt away, revealing a tentacled throne. Ganthor sits and tentacles puncture his skull. After the initial pain, he learns that he can now see through all the brains on the ceilings in the various rooms. He uses a brain-tentacle to open a door with a face on it, revealing the only brain-room not yet explored.

After the tentacles leave Ganthor's skull with a sickening squelch, Ten opens a secret door and Falkyn (Garret) investigates a set of ancient books. He pockets several and the group heads over to another “plain” door, which opens on a bathroom.

After using the facilities, they are back to try opening the last fancy door on the level. Ganthor is stunned to discover that the small statuette dumped into a hole in the evil carnival matched the design on the door. With no access to the statuette, Ten concentrates and succeeds in getting the door open!

Inside is an elaborate bedroom. A small disc scoots along the floor, causing the party to leap onto furniture until they determine it remains harmless. There is another capsule in the room. Opening it slightly reveals some greenish-brownish dried skin, which reacts to being pricked by Ganthor's sword. Flipping over carpets reveals a Whelk which swallows Ten. The party comes to his rescue, saving him from certain death.

They decide to bring the capsule along, and check a walk-in closet. Ten discovers a small box filled with very fine jewelry. Next step will be to bring the capsule from the bedroom to the laboratory. XP: 1500 XP

Session 30 February 25th, 2018 (Tom, Garret)

Returning to the laboratory, the group re-evaluates the equipment and compares capsules. The cracked one that's hooked up is empty, but the inner surfaces are a mold of some large tentacled creature with three eyes. Not seeing how to disconnect it, and hook up the new one, they return to a store room and rest. After recuperating from earlier experiences, they take the capsule that contains the leathery-surface and crack it open. Inside they find what appears to be a pod of some kind. It only reacts when prodded, otherwise remains quiescent. Falkyn's (Garret) attempts to gain control of the thing prove fruitless.

Ganthor (Tom) consults his oracular goldfish, then the party decides to leave the capsule back in the bedroom where they found it. Returning to the main hall, they search the wall where the water is pooling. There they find a hidden panel, which opens to reveal a tight passageway that Lucan (Frank) explains is for maintenance.

Water streams down the center of a rough passage that snakes into the interior. Pipes and cables line the walls. Coming to a thirty-foot drop, they decide to leave their “cargo capsule” behind. They descend into a large chamber, and a search turns up a small box with a key in it. Ten (Alex) pockets that, and they head through a doorway with some mossy vegetation hanging down that attacks Ganthor. Fortunately the adventurers make short work of cutting it down, but beyond they spot another steep drop with a waterfall that descends deeper.

Some examination and experimentation results in Ten diverting the flow of water, allowing the party to descend with the help of Falkyn's Levitate spell. The passage continues to a four-way intersection, where it appears the flow of water has been split into three streams. After some discussion, Falkyn heads back up and returns the water to its regular course. The group then heads towards the west, wondering if they will encounter intelligence or not. XP: 1,000

Session 31 April 22nd, 2018 (Tom, Garret, Alex, Heather)

The party meets Jadara (Heather), a Space Marine from Command Division. Since she's leaving the station too, they warily decide to travel together. In spite of the distrust Lucan (Frank) expresses.

Following the water flow down, the group finds a chum waterwheel. More travel reveals another waterwheel, but this one is much larger. Exploration is interrupted by plant men, but the group makes short work of them. Ganthor (Tom) methodically destroys a room full of giant plant pods. Next, the group spends some time trying to determine what is being held inside one of several large booths. But Jadara expresses her disapproval, so on they go.

Ten (Alex) takes a net that someone had stretched across the stream. It has caught some small fish. Then Jadara shoots down a large bloom from the ceiling. Ten is unlucky enough to have a large carpet of moss fall on him. It attacks, but Ganthor frees him. An odd plant-man is chained to a wall, and although Ten tries to communicate, once again Jadara casts doubt on the endeavor. The adventurers kill another bloom, and leave.

Next they come to a room that contains a large chair. Ten opens a door, using the head of Rex the dog. Beyond lies a room that contains large cauldrons, a work table covered with papers, and another pod. Ganthor stabs the pod, revealing a green mute who grovels until spared. Ten attempts to communicate with him while Ganthor investigates the cauldrons, and Jadara looks through the papers. XP 1500

Session 32 May 20th, 2018 (Tom, Garret, Alex, Heather, Oliver, Marcus, Steve)

A strange wave washes over reality. There's a screech of metal and a terrible crash. Water begins to leak from underneath a buckling door to the north. The air is thick and resistant to motion, as if one were under water. Ganthor (Tom) investigates the door and is met by a small group from Tékumel, including two famous gladiators, two of their clan-cousins, and a dog. The newcomers say they were captured in a slave raid and brought to the moon, but escaped. In their mad rush to outrun their pursuers, a section of floor collapsed beneath them and they crashed down to the current deck with the other player characters. All agree to join forces in finding a way back home. Meanwhile, Jadara (Heather) has been looking through some papers on a table, and determines that someone's been experimenting with changing humans into plant-men.

Ten (Alex) examines a door, then waves the head of Rex the Robot Dog before it. The door opens revealing more plant men, and a mushroom man. A fight breaks out. There are two mushroom men; Falkyn (Garret) shouts that there is a spellcaster. The mute mutant that Ganthor released from a pod takes this opportunity to flee, but Raymous (Marcus) throws daggers and sics his dog on the unlucky coward, and he falls to his knees with a wild look in his eyes.

The battle continues, and as the plant-men fall, the mushroom flees through a far door. Eventually the party is victorious, but not before Raymous blinds himself by attempting to cast a spell while standing on the metal deck. Luckily Falkyn treats him, and he soon begins to regain his sight. Jadara and “Skull-smasher” Kodak (Steve) search the room. Ganthor examines the door the foe has fled through, while Raymous successfully casts ESP on the mutant. He is “Thuskar,” he's in a panic, and he just wants to go home. When the party agrees that he can come with them, he jumps right into the marching order.

Jadara uses a mind-trick to see that there is nothing beyond the door but a corridor, blocked with bars. After much discussion and poking about, Ten works the door and manages to get it open. The party struggles to bend the bars, and searches the walls for hidden passages, but ultimately overcomes the obstacle by levering it up into the ceiling and jamming a table underneath. XP 1500

Session 33 June 10th, 2018 (Tom, Garret, Alex, Heather, Oliver, Steve)

The group heads down a passage and hears falling water ahead. They come to an open area with water streaming down from a pipe high up one wall. There is a fungus forest growing along the water that streams away, and Skull-smasher (Steve) is surprised when a huge fungus beast comes lurching towards him! He backpedals, the beast fixates on Ten (Alex), but Ganthor (Tom) rushes to engage it. The beast is cut down, and the fleeing Mushroom man is seen twitching on the bank. It dies, and the party moves on following the flowing water.

They come to a pair of barred doors. Jadara (Heather) uses her mind powers to see Pod-men beyond the doors. Gya (Karl) uses a space axe to remove one of the bars, and the group pours in. There are empty pods and store rooms and live Pod-men to defeat! Once they have been slaughtered, the party finds many odd bits in the store rooms. Skull-smasher plays with a six-sided die in a sphere, which somehow causes the party to be relocated elsewhere.

Blind humanoids decide that the adventurers are the prophesied “slug men.” Falkyn (Garret) agrees to participate in their ritual. He cuts his hand and places the palm on a pillar, releasing an Emergency Combat Cymek! The Cymek immediately cuts down Thuskar-plant, then remains still. The humanoids explain that this is their champion, who will defend them against the plant-men! They are very grateful and invite the adventurers to a feast, but our heroes must be going. They follow the humanoid's directions and hope to find their way out. XP 2500

Session 34 July 15th, 2018 (Tom, Garret, Heather)

Threading their way through the passageways, the party stumbles across a slime monster. Jadara (Heather) and Lucan (Frank) make short work of it. However, the group experiences a period of disorientation. After the effects subside, Jadara feels the aftereffects of her muscles spasming. The others feel almost as if they had been stretched. And Lucan seems on the brink of hysteria.

Next, the group comes across another broken pipe and decides to follow the flow of water. It leads them to where it puddles up at the base of a long stretch of wall. Ganthor (Tom) recalls a similar situation, and directs Gya (Karl) to take a space axe to a crack they spot in the paneling.

When Gya breaks through, artificial lighting comes on and reveals a squad of Command Division's Space Marines at a Tubeway station. Jadara and Gya step forward to talk, but Lucan starts screaming that they won't take him alive, and he fires at them! Fighting ensues, but Falkyn (Garret) attacks with an illusory acid spell. It works, and the marines desperately remove their armor. Jadara takes the opportunity to hold their commander hostage, forcing the squad to surrender. They are disarmed and tied up, their gear divided among the adventurers.

The commander, Corporal Vesna, states that her mission was to capture the party and bring them to Command Division. After some debate, the group takes their prisoners back to their friends, the blind humanoids, who agree to act as guards. The ultimate fate of the prisoners is not discussed.

Returning to the Tubeway station, the group boards the car and heads to the destination labeled “Assembly Room.” However, upon arriving Jadara decides not to take the elevator to the Assembly Room. Instead she gets back in the car and tries the other, unlabeled destination. After some alarming maneuvers, the car stops outside a damaged station. The adventurers disembark and prepare to explore the corridors beyond. Since most of them are now wearing captured Command Division armor, Falkyn tries talking to Lucan about disguising the Free Marines markings on his armor. Lucan finally cracks, and shoots Falkyn. But Ganthor intervenes, Charming Lucan with a magic crown. From this point, the now-affable Lucan agrees to anything that Ganthor suggests. XP 2500

Session 35 August 5th, 2018 (Tom, Garret, Heather)

The party begins to search the tubeway station while Ganthor (Tom) and Lucan scout down the corridor. Once they've passed a small cloud of gas, the floor begins to sway and the party's vision wavers as a female voice cries out, “Something's wrong!” Lucan collapses, writhing, and Ganthor helps him to remove his helmet. Lucan is revealed as a non-human, hairless and somewhat amphibian in nature. He can no longer speak intelligibly, except to Skull-smasher (Steve, who has a translator orb). Although he seems confused and has no explanation for what's happened, apparently Ganthor's Charm remains in place.

Once he's removed his armor, the party goes to elaborate lengths to avoid contact with the gas, then heads down the corridor. There they encounter two Ru'un, but the mighty constructs remain passive. At either end of this corridor there are chambers with racked enviro-suits. Each has large vault doors.

The explorers without combat armor don enviro-suits, and opening one of the vault doors reveals an elevator. Descending to another level, the group finds an airlock with a bio-hazard symbol. Jadara (Heather) and Lucan are sprayed purple from a nozzle in the wall, so Jadara seals the nozzle up with a suit patch.

The group is forced to take the airlock five at a time. On the other side are two more Ru'un. When they see Jadara and Lucan they attack, but they prove to be no match for the brave warriors.

Exploring the network of passages beyond, Jadara comes across what the Tékumel natives call a “Shunned One,” but the station folk know them as aliens called Blashagayl. It attacks Jadara so she kills it. She claims a small silver brooch in the shape of a spider from the corpse, along with a vibro-spear. XP 2500

Session 36 October 28th, 2018 (Tom, Garret, Heather, Jose)

The party resumes exploring the gas-filled chambers of the alien Blashagayl, who are known on Tékumel as the Shunned Ones. They rescue a fellow native of Tékumel, Aker hiKarik (Jose), from a locked chamber. He elects to join them in their attempt at escape.

The majority of the pack of fugitives elects to remain guarding the way out of this gas-filled complex while a small group continues exploring. The explorers encounter a few more Blashagayl who are easily dealt with, and take control of a Ru'un. Sadly, Ganthor (Tom) loses an eye due to a blast from a disrupter rifle.

Happily, they come across a healing bed and make good use of it. Everyone recovers from their wounds while the others stand guard in turn. Unfortunately, Lucan also completes his tranformation into a reptilian of some kind. He appears distracted, but continues to follow along.

A large open area contains a spinning machine that appears to be the source of the poisonous gas in the area. Jadara (Heather) is successful in de-activating it. Will this affect the Blashagayl? That remains to be seen. XP 2500

Session 37 December 23th, 2018 (Tom, Garret, Heather, Jose (Julie))

Our intrepid party continues exploring the Bashagayl enclave on Kashi, exploring two chambers with narrow platforms and one chamber with a console of sorts, all of which seem to be related. Aker (Jose) believes the colored spheres from one chamber are some sort of mood-enhancers. He hangs up a series of masks he believes are related, while Ganthor (Tom) monitors his efforts from the console. Aker keeps the yellow sphere.

Jadara (Heather) encounters Blashagayl coming from another corridor, and alerts her companions. They chase down the hall. After a fight that involves a psionic opponent, the party finds loot that includes a small pearlescent sphere. When Jadara manipulates it she is jolted by a forceful message from a golden metal man in a language no one recognizes. She commits the message to writing before the memory fades.

The lighting shifts to red and an alarm goes off, indicating to Jadara that the station is under attack.

Proceeding down the corridor the group is faced with a force barrier of some kind. Falkyn (Garret) drives their captive Ru'un through the barrier, destroying both. On the other side is a chamber containing a large, radioactive sphere. Ganthor and Aker are sickened by it, but before he leaves Aker finds a small room beyond with a large hatch in the floor.

Worried about their sick companions, the party hurries back to the healing bay to treat their ailments while Falkyn meditates on his magic. Jadara tries to alter the gas-generating machine to no avail, but she is successful in shooting a Blashagayl mother and her children. She also receives a message on her suit radio, despite active jamming, saying something about an attack by Lensmen. She shares this message and her concerns with Ganthor and Falkyn, her two most trusted companions. XP 2000

Session 38 February 3rd, 2019 (Tom, Garret, Heather, Jose, Hector, Paul, Stephen R, “Champ”)

Orange-suited figures come around the corner at the far end of a long corridor on the space station known as Kashi. (“That's no small moon, it's a space station!”) Approaching each other cautiously reveals the newcomers are from the Clan of the Blazoned Sail (Aker's kinsmen), fleeing from their captors.

They join forces to escape, Jadara wary of the strangers, they themselves wary of both Jadara and the transformed Lucan. Heading back towards the room with the hatch in the floor, Jadara examines a machine of alien design. Finally the group rushes through the chamber that contains a glowing sphere, to a hatch in the floor that Falkyn opens. An elevator car rises from the deck, everyone crowds aboard, and the thing descends.

However its descent ceases abruptly, and a massive image of a blue face appears amongst the passengers. It identifies itself as “Aseeu,” and begins issuing instructions to the fugitive party. Something like: “You released the key. You must close the gate. Keep her out. Go down. You have the orb of discernment. Feed it to the golden man, and close the gate.” While Falkyn worships the image, Jadara says she agrees to anything the thing says, and the car suddenly resumes its descent as the image winks out.

Once the elevator arrives at its destination, the group is faced with a huge metal door. Turning the wheel in its center, a large chamber is revealed. Within are two magical winged ships.

But the chamber also contains a Renyu, who insists that he can't be seen. The newcomers see him clearly and refuse to play along. Eventually he runs, but is shot, tackled and tied up. Falkyn carefully removes the arrow. While an anxious Ten watches Lucan climb aboard one of the ships, Jadara begins their examination. Quietly she tells Falkyn that they only have room for eight people in the ships; two poor souls will have to be left behind.

The Renyu is of little help so he is muzzled, while two other doors are opened. One leads to an empty chamber, the other to another bay with two more ships! Jadara pronounces them all workable. The group hurriedly sorts itself into the ships as Lucan impatiently begins the launch process.

Klaxons squawking, lights flashing, Lucan opens the blast doors to space! Fortunately the last of the canopies is closed just in time, and with flames and a roar Lucan and Ten are launched! They are followed by the other three ships, Lordux and Fin desperately following Jadara's instructions.

And yet, as their clan-mothers have said many times, “out of the Ahoggya nest, into the Aqaa's mouth.” For as soon as the inexperienced pilots have cleared the vast outer shell of Kashi, they spot the sleek arrow-head shapes of enemy ships headed their way! Lucan glubs madly and jerks his ship towards the enemy, Ten howling in fear. Jadara shouts to the others to follow her, their only hope is to run.

And run they do, anxiously looking over their shoulders as the enemy pursues. Ganthor manages to convince Lucan to reconsider his attack, and follow them. Ten, Lucan's only passenger, hangs on for dear life and wails at Ganthor for leaving him behind. But finally, Jadara leads the ragtag bunch around Kashi, and below may be seen the green ball that they are told is their home – Tékumel. XP: 3000

Session 39 March 3rd, 2019 (Tom, Garret, Heather, Jose, Hector, Paul, Stephen R, “Champ”)

7th Day of Fesru (Month 5), Start of Summer, 2348
Four tiny ships come flying down from the sky. Jadara instructs the others to input the destination code for Jakalla as the ground comes rushing up. In the last moments before landing, the group glimpses most of their city, which appears to be under attack from tall metal tripods. Lucan wrenches control of his ship from the autopilot and crashes into the largest of the invaders, taking Ten along with him to a fiery death. The rest have rough landings near the arena, disabling their ships but leaving the passengers shaken yet unharmed.

The streets are filled with panicked citizens rushing this way and that. Falkyn and Ganthor offer to guide the others to their home in the Foreigner's Quarter, and they begin shoving their way through the crowds.

On their journey they have a few encounters. An opportunistic pickpocket attempts to enrich himself at Aker's expense. Panicked Chlen-beasts force a detour. A group of men taking advantage of the chaos to help themselves at a wine-seller say the invaders came from the sky. A dying woman tries to give Mugen her baby, but Falkyn uses his magic to mend her injuries. Fighting-men guard a cart from looters. A group of Ahoggya are removing crates from a warehouse. The party leads a pair of city guards to the Ahoggya and there is a fight over dried dates.

Finally there is a combat with one of the smaller invading tripods, which is identified as coming from Kashi. Jadara rides it to a clanhouse where she effects repairs, while a few of the adventurers scout the entrance to the Foreigner's Quarter. Unfortunately they are turned away. They find a wainwright's where they can take refuge, guiding Jadara and the others to their haven. The group takes advantage of the relative calm to discuss their next move. XP: 3500

Session 40 April 7th, 2019 (Tom, Garret, Heather, Jose, Hector, Stephen R, “Champ”)

After reviewing everything they know, the group decides to head to the City of the Dead and try to descend into the underworld from there, searching for the Man of Gold. Ganthor has consulted his oracular goldfish, which has said the invasion can be stopped by finding the Man. The visitation by the blue-glowing Lady instructed the group to feed the Man. Jadara has checked the sphere she found, and it is now glowing on the side that faces east, which is where the City lies. And Ganthor and Falkyn have descended into the Underworld that way once before.

Heading into the streets after dark, the party makes their way while attempting to avoid detection. The battle is still going on, so this is risky business. On their way to the eastern gate they encounter a group of amphibian-men with vibro-spears, a brain-in-a-jar who calls itself Kodos, a squad of city guard who have lost their officer, and a group that was hiding crouched in the rubble of the east gate. They exit Jakalla and see the City of the Dead off in the distance. Re-checking the sphere, Jadara confirms that this remains their destination. XP: 4000

Session 41 May 5th, 2019 (Tom, Garret, Heather, Jose, Stephen R, “Champ,” Alex)

The adventurers are joined by Cousin Bor from the Clan of the Blazoned Sail. Then they head into the City of the Dead as night falls. Ganthor and Falkyn try to find the tomb entrance they used months ago to access the Underworld, but only after they'd given up and were heading to the local Temple of Sarku did they stumble upon their goal.

Coincidentally, the tomb belongs to the Clan of the Blazoned Sail, but none of the party members has the means to open the door. Finally Jadara uses her rifle to dissolve the lock, and the group passes within. Wandering through the passageways, Falkyn and Ganthor finally recognize the gate they took to descend into the depths of the planet several months back. There is another lock hindering their progress, but Bor manages to get it open. Down they go, finally emerging into a vast cavern and descending more steps to the edge of a river. Bor searches the docks but fails to find a boat. After some exploring, there is only one way to proceed – up a set of stairs. After a few turns the group stumbles upon four scruffy men. Ganthor, Mugen and Bor make short work of three, knocking them out and tying them up. But the fourth man gets away. XP: 3000

Session 42 June 2nd, 2019 (Tom, Garret, Heather, Jose, Stephen R, “Champ,” Alex, Iris)

Bor spots a woman seated down the corridor, apparently meditating. She turns out to be Safiya hiSruva, daughter of the Chief of the Clan of the Blazoned Sail. She's seated in front of a shrine to Sruva the Champion, founder of the Clan. She says that she descended into the Tsuru'um by herself. When the group tells her that the city has been invaded and they're on a quest for something to stop it, she agrees to accompany them.

Meanwhile, one of the prisoners has died, but the two remaining turn out to be Res and Daiya, two ruffians sometimes hired by the Clan to “take care” of things without leading back directly to them. They agree to being “hired,” making noises that shmatla must be paid for the third man that the party already killed.

8th Day of Fesru, 2348
Resuming their exploration, the group traverses many long, twisting corridors. They find an apparently empty room, then a debris-filled room that makes both Falkyn and Safiya very uncomfortable. Next comes a large ceremonial hall with a dead body. There is a broken section of wall, but examination reveals nothing useful.

Next the team discovers what appears to be a temple to Sarku, god of death, but they bypass it as not of use to their quest. Finally they open a door revealing a room containing three thrones. XP 3000

Session 43 July 7th, 2019 (Tom, Garret, Heather, Stephen R, “Champ,” Alex, Iris)

The group examines the Hall of Three Thrones in excruciating detail. This includes Mugen sitting in all three thrones. His companions become wary of him due to a perceived difference in his behavior. While the examinations are going on, the door slams shut behind them, and refuses to open. Jadara trains a rifle on the bolt that Bor has spotted, and the bolt is dissolved.

Now that the exit has been secured, the exhausted adventurers decide to sleep. Not long after dousing their light, they see a faint blue glow approaching. Moving into position, the door bursts open revealing a pair of Shunned Ones. They wave their arms and a Dzor and six Kurgha appear to menace the party, but without explanation the Dzor disappears again. Combat ensues, and Balash blinds one of the Shunned Ones, who flees. Aker freezes the other in place. The Kurgha are easily dealt with, and the Shunned Ones are cut down. Clearing their camp area of the bodies, the beleaguered party returns to their rest.

After some discussion they decide to return to the Temple of Sarku. Checking a locked antechamber reveals four large chests. Three turn out to be empty, but the fourth has a pair of traps on it. Once past those, Mugen discovers a brass goblet, which he stows away. Bor grasps something fist-sized, but returns it and slams the chest closed again. He leaves the room, warning the group about a mummy.

Heeding the archer's warning, they pass on to the temple's worship hall. The mood is decidedly eerie as the hall narrows, its carvings seemingly glorifying giant worms eating sacrifices. Once again, Bors hangs back, but at Safiya's urging, Jadara retrieves him. It seems the archer was weary and ready to sleep, but is persuaded to catch up.

Ganthor, unimpressed by the stone idol of the Many-Headed Worm, discovers a switch that opens a secret door in the rear of the hall. The group files through into a disused chamber which they search, but ultimately they open the door at the far end. As they suspected from listening at the door, beyond is a huge insect. The powerful group swarms the creature and ends its life. XP 3500

Session 44 Aug 4th, 2019 (Tom, Garret, Heather, Jose, Stephen R, “Champ,” Alex, Iris)

The party recognizes the beetle as a Ngayu, and recalls they have a gland containing acid that's worth some money, but decide to pass up this opportunity and resume searching for their goal. Heading down a passageway, Mugen comes face-to-face with a band of Ssu! He tries to hold position and communicate, but Ganthor pushes past and engages in melee. Spells fly and missile weapons fire, while the Ssu find themselves completely outmatched! The bodies yield up various weapons and shields, along with a few pouches that are snatched up.

The adventurers begin heading up two different passages at the same time, one group led by Ganthor, the other by Mugen. Safiya follows along behind Mugen, Bor and the two bandits, but the group doesn't seem interested in going back to join the others. Safiya seems rather frustrated. She asks Mugen to remove his helmet so she can see his eyes, wondering if he's been enspelled. When Mugen has removed the helmet he's shocked to see Bor has a knife to his abdomen!

In the meantime, Ganthor leads the others around to a door. Jadara can hear Mugen, Bor and Safiya on the other side. She kicks the door, and Bor opens it from the other side. The tension is high as the members are reunited. They continue exploring, and arguing about how Safiya and Jadara should be addressed, until coming upon two very large beetles with iridescent green chitin. The party attacks, pursuing the fleeing insects and snatching their ebbing lives. But Mugen and Safiya have an outburst, and the tension remains as thick as ever.

Jadara uses her orb to guide their path, and the journey continues. XP 3,000

Session 45 Aug 25th, 2019 (Tom, Garret, Jose, Stephen R, Alex, Iris)

A small transparent orb of wavy distortion appears over Mugen, and he is abruptly sucked into it. As Safiya screams, the orb vanishes. The sorcerers in the group believe a nexus point had opened, but know no more. The group hastily moves on to avoid any further disappearances.

More exploration results in stumbling across two slightly-charred Shedra. Ganthor chops one down, while Balash seizes control of the other. He sets it to watching Res and Daiya, who seem a little likely to run away at this point.

Bor carefully checks a stone door for traps, but overlooks a poisoned needle that Safiya spots. Bor cuts the needle off at the base, then Ganthor opens the door. More corridor leads to another stone door. Bor listens and hears a strange wailing beyond.

Carefully assembling their forces, Aker casts a Bless spell and Ganthor opens the door, releasing a cloud of incense. Inside is a bizarre scene. A Yeleth dances to screeching sounds while a Pe Choi, a Mihalli, a Tinaliya and a tiny Akho look on.

The Yeleth speaks nonsense, Bor asks if he can join in, and the music stops. Ganthor rushes in and strikes the Pe Choi, to no effect. In fact, his blow generates no reaction at all. But the battle has begun. Falkyn casts Light into the Yeleth’s eyes. Bor and Safiya appear to fall under the Yeleth’s control, so Aker immobilizes them with a spell. Balash casts a Hypnotic Pattern, but the Yeleth is blind. The floor rolls up around Ganthor after he strikes the Yeleth, revealing itself to be a Ngoro. Balash commands the Shedra to join the fray. The rest of the party attack first the Ngoro, then the Yeleth, while the Pe Choi, Mihalli, Tinaliya and Ahko stand motionless.

Once the Yeleth dies, Bor and Safiya are released from its power. Soon after, Aker’s spell releases them as well. The group begins looking around the room. The Akho appears to be a lamp, but the group believes the other three figures may be enspelled by magic of some kind. Safiya and Jadara look at an orb on a low table. When Bor touches it, the screeching sounds resume, but they cease when he releases it. He slips it in a pouch and the sound stops. The others want to examine it further, since it resembles the orb Jadara is using to complete the mission, but Bor maintains that it is a holy artifact of Hrihayal and he will keep it. XP 2500

Session 46 Sept 22nd, 2019 (Tom, Garret, Heather, Jose, Stephen R, Alex, Iris)

The companions decide to secure the area, search it and then rest before moving on. Bor returns the new orb to the table, and Jadara activates her own orb. The light indicates a goal to the north, and no signal reacting to the new orb.

The team experiments with some treasure, and takes turns on watch while the sorcerers rest and regain their spells.

9th Day of Fesru, 2348

The party heads out again. They spot a wall with a slab sealed into its center, but decide to move on. Further down the passageways they smell kurgha ahead. They discover two kurgha rooms. In the first, the kurgha are free to move about, and the adventurers cut them down. Bor has a close call, and Balash’s Shedra is killed. In the second room, baby kurgha are living in cages. Entering a third room reveals a large Thunru’u and a devotee of Hnalla. The two are immediately frozen in place with magic, then tied up. A search of the room turns up supplies, and the group takes what they need. XP 2500

Session 47 October 20th, 2019 (Tom, Heather, Jose, Stephen R, Iris)

Once finished looting their captive’s supplies, Safiya interrogates the gagged man while Jadara reads his mind for his replies. Safiya recognizes Haklanu hiDisrene, a priest and Proctor at the College of Rerektanu; he recognizes her right back, and threatens her in the name of his temple, college and clan, demanding that his possessions be returned to him along with shmatla (a “restitution” fee). Safiya trades threats and asks him various questions related to the party’s mission. He professes ignorance, accuses the party of intending to steal his research, and warns that even if they kill him, the Temple of Belkhánu will perform the Ritual of Speak with Dead, and he will identify his murderers even from the Isles of Teretané (the afterlife).

Safiya knocks him out and turns her back on the situation. Jadara beheads the priest and his Thunru’u servant, and Aker carries their heads in a bag in an attempt to keep any Speak with Dead spells from working. Then the party drags the headless bodies into the room with the caged Khurgha. They leave, Ganthor unlocking a few cages on his way out so that the bodies will be mostly eaten if and when they are discovered.

Back in the Tsuru’úm (underworld ruins beneath a city), the party’s first clue that they are walking into an ambush is the flickering of red targeting lasers. Jadara calls out a warning and hits the ground, while the unwitting Ganthor also calls out and then advances to cover. In short order, the enemy is identified as a squad of “fishmen,” apparently the same race that their old companion Egros turned into back on the moon Kashi. The sorcerers bring fearsome powers to bear. The air fills with ozone from the high-tech beams firing back and forth. And several party members are stunned by a grenade. Safiya is struck down, but Balash is there to save her life.

The repulsive foes are looted and abandoned, and the group heads back to a sealed door they had passed earlier. It looks like it would take some work to break through, and the party considers holing up and resting to allow their sorcerers to prepare new spells. XP 2500

Session 48 November 17th, 2019 (Tom, Garret, Jose, Alex, Iris)

As the party discusses their options, Aker sees Jadara rapidly shrinking. Quick as a wink, she is drawn into a tiny hovering black dot, which then disappears. It is only later that they realize she was carrying the orb that was leading them to the Man of Gold.

The group decides to return to the Yeleth’s lair and rest while the sorcerers regain their spells. When that’s done, they head back to the stone slab. Eventually Safiya uses a heat ray rifle to melt the seal around the slab, and with a coordinated effort the huge piece of stone crashes to the ground.

Ganthor steps into the shadowed chamber beyond, but when he steps into the opening a huge guillotine blade crashes down, blocking the doorway and trapping him inside. Falkyn uses a spell on the blade, and it is lifted and spiked in place. Exploring the chamber reveals the tomb of a warrior many hundreds of years gone. The sarcophagus is also sealed, so Safiya uses her rifle on it.

Suddenly a green gas flows into the room. Falkyn escapes to the hallway where Res and Daiya wait with Balash, but Safiya, Aker, Bor and Ganthor are choking helplessly on the floor of the tomb. Thinking quickly, Falkyn uses a lasso and the victims are pulled out one by one. They are blinded, choking, and huge welts appear on their red, inflamed skin.

Res and Daiya are put to work washing the victims with water. Eventually they recover, except that their skin is still affected and the pain is intense. Aker is certain that the pain will prevent him from concentrating enough to cast a spell.

Determined, the party goes back inside and loots the sarcophagus. Ganthor takes up a beautiful steel broad sword from within. There are tiny pinholes underneath the body. Further investigation reveals a bladder that was used to engineer the gas trap.

After much searching, the explorers leave the tomb behind. Soon after, they come upon a door. They pass through two empty rooms. The next door has been damaged. Beyond is a room with a well. Inside, several voices can be heard speaking in different languages, but there is no one there. The adventurers look to the ceiling, wondering if there is something strange about the stone carvings above… XP 2500

Session 49 December 15th, 2019 (Tom, Garret, Jose, Alex, Iris, Stephen)

Aker suggests searching the room of voices for a panel, and lo! he finds one. Bor carefully uses his sandal to open it, and Balash experiments with the knob that has been revealed. Balash succeeds in silencing the voices, and the group retraces their path to continue their quest.

Heading north, they eventually come to a labyrinth that reeks like an animal lair. There is a nesting area with scraps of eaten animals, and an area used as an “outhouse.” There is the sound of a door being forced open, and soon enough a group of Chnelh-beasts comes around a corner. They growl and demand that the party leave. Balash tries asking about the Man of Gold, but gets no answers, so the adventurers retreat and head east.

Bor listens at the next door they come to, and hears someone humming. Inside is a warrior who seems amenable to dialogue. He has heard of the Man of Gold, and says it is said to be able to defeat She Who Must Not Be Named, otherwise known as the Goddess of the Pale Bone. At this, Ganthor and Falkyn dredge up their memories and share them with the stranger. How they had a statuette that they were told had something to do with the Goddess, and were on a mission to destroy it. However they were sidetracked by some clowns and ended up throwing it into a mouth that opened in the floor of a jester’s nightmarish house on another plane of existence.

Bemoaning their fate, and a certain oracular goldfish, they ask about what lies nearby. Apparently there is an Overlord whose palace lies to the north. It can be reached by means of the labyrinth the party just left. Also there is a wizard called Nyelmu, dwelling deeper underground.

The group says their good-byes as the warrior is joined by a group of men pulling carts. Retracing their steps to the labyrinth, the group heads north to another door. Inside is a dirty room with a shaft in the floor. When Ganthor and Safiya enter, they are attacked by Biridlu dropping down from the ceiling. A battle ensues, with more combatants joining both sides. Finally the party is able to retreat and slam the door closed on the flying menaces. XP 3500

Session 50 January 12th, 2020 (Tom, Garret, Jose, Alex, Iris, Stephen)

Once Safiya’s wounds are tended to, the group resumes exploring the Underworld. They agree that they want to head north and find this Overlord, but then head west to what appears to be a worship hall of Ksarul. Ganthor is stricken with a breathing malady, but Bor is fine. Regardless, Bor closes the door just as Aker tries peering inside.

They decide their only remaining option is to explore north. They retrace their steps and head west. They come to a heavy door to the north, with a set of clapping sticks outside. The party decides to head east instead. They head east for quite a long time, then decide to head into a door to the south. Ganthor avoids falling into a pit, and Aker throws in the heads he’s been carrying around. They appear to be eaten almost immediately by something at the bottom of the pit.

But a pack of undead Huru’u come howling towards them. Aker manages to make them flee, and Falkyn seizes control of the last one’s “mind.” Then the team decides to head south again, but the area beyond the door they open suffers a cave-in.

And so the explorers head further east. They find three doors. Bor says two are dangerous, so they leave them. The final door leads to a chamber filled with spaces to manacle prisoners to massive columns.

And the party heads further east, finally opening a door to the south. They head west and Ganthor discovers another pit. They pass it, then head east to a room that’s empty except for some bones. They leave it behind and head south and east, then spot three doors at the end of a corridor. One is bare but for a skeleton, one can’t be opened, and the third is empty.

They choose to rest in the third room, but Ganthor consults his goldfish again: “Is the Man of Gold still to the north of us?” The wise goldfish answers, “No.” XP 2000

Session 51 February 9th, 2020 (Tom, Garret, Jose, Alex, Iris, Stephen)

10th day of Fesru, 2348

After some reflection, the group of adventurers decide to retrace their steps back to the west, and then open the door there that faced north. Following their map, they skirt around pit traps and reach their objective. Falkyn uses the clapping sticks, and the door is opened by a group of fighters in chainmail, wearing blue and gold tabards. Falkyn states that they are on a quest related to the invasion of the city, and asks for directions to the temple of Vimuhla. The party is invited to wait in an antechamber while they consult their lord.

Beyond the door is what turns out to be the palace of the Mringu Grujung hiViridame, who is Overlord of the Tsuru’um by the grace of emperor and gods. They are invited to attend him, during which they briefly explain their mission. The Mringu consults his scrolls and wise men. Then he shares what they know about the Man of Gold, the Vriddi Temple to Vimuhla, and the Undying Wizard Nyelmu who he keeps imprisoned in the Garden of Weeping Snows until the end of the cycles of time.

Finally, the Mringu asks his priest of Hru’u to allow the party access to the Exquisite Chamber of Potentiality, allowing them to better prepare for their quest. He agrees, and the group is escorted to the temple and passes through the portal into this tiny bethorm. There they spend time in study, under the guidance of the wise men of the palace. XP 1500

Session 52 March 8th, 2020 (Tom, Garret, Jose, Alex, Stephen)

11th day of Fesru, 2348

While training, Ganthor wisely consults his oracular fish on a daily basis; with the party’s input. They decide that they must journey to visit the Wizard Nyelmu. They ask the Overlord for a guide, and he appoints a “gnome” (their race is actually called Tinaliya) who promptly marches off, so that they must hurry after him. He leads them to the labyrinth of the Chnehl-Apes, but seems unsure of how to proceed. The party speculates that the rocks he fondles appear to be guiding him.

Once the exasperated Ganthor leads the group out of the labyrinth, the gnome leads them to a set of stairs going down. At the bottom, they enter a burial site dedicated to Sarku. He leads them out and into the ruins of a city street, now deep below the surface. He is delighted to find a large building, and Ganthor leads the party to a set of double doors. XP 2,000

Session 53 April 5th, 2020 (Tom, Garret, Jose, Alex, Stephen)

11th day of Fesru, 2348

The party exams the large double doors, eventually discovering that they push back into the walls. But beyond them is another set, and still another. Fearing a trap, they pile rocks in the doorways to keep from being trapped. Beyond the third set of doors is a large chamber with old trees around a central fountain or pool. When approached, the trees animate and attack. One sprays the gnome Ti Sa Qo with spores, which produce a coughing fit in the little creature. A battle ensues, wherein Balash takes a brutal blow to his face. Also Daiya accidentally bashes Res, knocking him unconscious.

Once everyone has recovered, they prepare to move on. Ti Sa Qo is despondent, he is having difficulty breathing and the sorcerers believe he will die without a spell. Falkyn reassures him, and subsequently the gnome follows him closely. When asked which way to proceed, he gestures to the north, so north they go.

Next they enter a long room ending in three colored doors on the north wall. Aker asks the gnome about his rocks, and Ti Sa Qo explains that they are map stones. Bor examines the three doors and another that faces east. The gnome can say only that they must go down. After some discussion, it is decided to check to the east. More passages and doors are revealed.

Again heading south, the adventurers find more rooms and doors, eventually encountering a sorcerer of Hnalla. A careful peace is maintained, with a little knowledge traded. He tells the group that there is a concealed stair going up in the Room of Three Doors, but that the Three Doors are said to be a death-trap.

Continuing south through another door reveals another room. While Bor checks yet another door, Falkyn finds a secret panel. When Bor opens the panel he is blinded in a flash of light. Inside Falkyn finds many silver coins and a beautiful necklace. XP 3,000

Session 54 May 3rd, 2020 (Tom, Jose, Alex, Stephen)

11th day of Fesru, 2348

Ganthor opens a door which only reveals a collapsed stair going up. Balash gets a cure for his damaged face, and Bor recovers his sight. The party moves back up the corridor and checks another door, but Bor can tell there are Chnélh on the other side, so they pass it by. The next door has a broken lock; when Ganthor tries to force it, something begins banging on the other side. So Bor checks the final door, but smells cinnamon – there are either Ssu, or Hluss, beyond.

Without warning, the door leading to the Chnélh opens, and Balar gets off a Hypnotic Pattern spell. Then Aker creates an illusionary wall of flame to hedge the rest out. The Chnélh in the hall are cut down, the door jammed with a branch that Bor was carrying.

After having argued for a bit, the team eventually forces their way back into the room of three doors, and then retraces their steps to the room of the Sagun fungus. From there they head west into another large chamber. Ganthor faces a Hli’ir. Bor rushes to engage the creature as well. Both are struck by the creature’s hideous visage, but manage to fight on. Balash attempts to blind the creature with a spell, but the monster shrugs it off. Aker recognizes the thing for what it is, and throws his Orb of Kashi at it. Ganthor draws his new steel sword. Falkyn uses an Eye he took off of a dead jester, causing rainbow lights to flick all around the Hli’ir, apparently causing it some discomfort. Finally, Ganthor cuts it down, and it fades away.

Further south is an altar to some unknown gods of the Bednalljan period. Bor discovers a pressure plate and hits it with a branch, but nothing happens. He climbs up and examines a pit filled with bones, but comes down. The group paces out the huge chamber, and Bor retrieves Aker’s Orb. Bor goes to examine a door, but is attacked by a Kayi. It is defeated easily. XP 3500


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